My influences

Many artists and writers are asked to list who their main “influences” are. Here are some of the authors, books, and songs that have helped shape my thinking or my writing style.


The Rose and the Yew Tree, by Mary Westmacott (aka, Agatha Christie, but her M.W. novels are not mysteries) 

Unfinished Portrait, Mary Westmacott

A Daughter’s A Daughter, Mary Westmacott

The Burden, Mary Westmacott

Ordinary People, Judith Guest

84 Charing Cross Road, Helene Hanff


Summer, Highland Falls, by Billy Joel

Why Walk When You Can Fly?, Mary Chapin Carpenter

I’m Alright, Jo-Dee Messina



  1. BTW, I THINK we might have a mutual friend from another board???? This is a long shot, but Amy97223 with twins?

  2. Just reading and thinking about you Kate and praying your miracle will find its way to you sooner than later…or maybe it already is later…but still, hoping for some light on your path soon!

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