Posted by: katedaphne | November 17, 2010

Still blogging, kind of

Two quick, mostly unrelated updates:

1. I know I said I didn’t want to blog much about parenting. However, I got someone to pay me for it. I’ll be contributing a post or two a week to the St. Petersburg Times parenting blog, Whoa Momma. I’m a copy editor for the Times. I have three little posts so far, check ’em out. (I get paid by the hour, not the click, btw.)

2. The Koala Bear is in the hospital. The whole family was wiped flat by a stomach flu. Unfortunately, heart babies have a very difficult time with things like that. She’s been sick since Friday, and we’ve been in hospital since Monday. She is on the mend. I hope to take her home Friday but I do not know if that will happen. It has been tough juggling the Little Monkey (thank god for grandparents!!!) and being at the hospital.



  1. So excited to even read just this little update. Sounds like things are going good, other then the sickness and the hospital

  2. Good to hear from you, although sorry your little koala is in the hospital. Hoping she is home soon.

  3. I will check out your other blog. Hope both little munchkins are doing well.

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