Posted by: katedaphne | August 6, 2009

They’re heeeeeeerrrrrre!!!!!

It’s been a bit hectic around here, but I wanted you to know: We have babies!

Babies A nd M arrived Tuesday around 2:30 p.m. via C-section. I suppose it was an uneventful surgery, etc. but — it was pretty momentous to Mike and me!!! A was 5 pounds 10 oz, 18 inches long. M was 5-13, 19 inches. Both have soft dark hair and pretty little faces.

I got to hold each briefly, then A was whisked off by the heart team to begin treatment at the other hospital, and M was whisked away too. Her blood sugar was messed up, so she went straight to the other nursery to have that monitored.

I don’t mind saying I was all for the C-section (with one breech and one transverse, it’s not like I had a choice). But when I got in the OR, I was quite petrified. I knew I would feel “tugging and pulling” and “touching” — but I didn’t know VIOLENT it would all feel! A popped out pretty quickly but M was wedged up in my ribs and the doc really had to wrassle to get her out. Once she lost her grip and strumbled backward, she was “tugging” so hard. Eventually M came free, though.

Recovery has been rough. I was very hopped up on meds that first day and really remember very little after M came out. Then it turned out I really didn’t do well on the pain reliever (percoset) — it made me so itchy I was about clawing my skin off. It’s a common side effect of narcotics I guess but it was way extreme. So Wednesday I was suffering quite a bit, until they were able to switch me over to Vicodin, which has been much better.

Today was rough b/c after all that I am still ridiculously bloated with gas, which I can’t seem to move in either direction. I spent most of the day curled in a ball holding my guts in and feeling nauseous and gross.  Let me just say, when you have just had your abdominals sliced open, vomiting is NOT much fun. And I was too sick to keep the Vikes down…. so you can imagine my day….

Poor Mike. He had a busy day today caring for his three girls! Baby A is in the cardio vascular ICU, and she’s stable, but honestly it is heartbreaking to see her. She has tubes and wires all voer her, IVs in her head, her arms are covered in gauze and weighed down by bean bags so she can’t scratch herself or dislodge her wires… It breaks my heart to look at her, the poor thing. I wanted to spend a lot more time down there with her than I have. But I’ve been feeling so poorly I haven’t been able to go. Mike has been there more there, and he is such a champ with her. He talkes to her and holds her hand and comforts her and loves her.

Today Baby M was found to have some jaundice, so she’s currently in a little greenhouse-like box with blue lights shining on her. Hopefully she’ll only need that for a day or two. Otherwise she is fine, and such an easy baby. Sweet temperament and very lovey. Her biggest trouble is she misses her sissy!

A’s first surgery is tomorrow (Friday) at 7.m. It should take about 4-5 hours, we are told. They’ll be putting in a shunt. It’s the first step in a three-step procress that will eventually reroute all her blood, to make sure it all gets to the lungs to get oxygenated and then out to the rest of the body. (She needs this help b/c her heart only has three chambers, not the usual four. She is missing a ventricle.) The surgery has a 95% success rate, so you really can’t ask for more. But of course being long-time infertiles we are well acquainted with that other 5%. So we are pretty worried and scared about tomorrow.

More tomorrow.



  1. Congratulations!! Sooo happy for you!! Will be praying for tomorrows surgery. Lots of love. KateH

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sounds like the whole family is quite a bunch of troopers!!!

    So excited for you all!

  3. Glad that they are here, and as well as can be expected. Will be praying for a quick recovery for all of you!

  4. Awwww WELCOME TO THE WORLD, BABIES! I’m having surgery tomorrow too (much less perilous, just a hysterectomy and removal of one tube and ovary d/t endo and a “mass” on one ovary) and I’ll be thinking about little A when I go in. I’m sure she’ll be fine–she’s a fighter!

  5. You sound so happy.

    Congratulations twice over m’dear. A very long time coming.

    Thinking of your family



  6. Yeah! They’ve arrived. How thrilling!

    I hope you start feeling better really soon, once today is past (successfully, I pray) and A is doing better. May your recovery be swift!

    Wow–about the C-sec tug. I had no idea…

  7. Congratulations!
    Here’s hoping your recovery picks up speed. Prayers that all goes well with surgery.

  8. Congratulations and best wishes for the whole family!

  9. Congratulations! I was wondering how they were doing, I was goign to call Kami and see if she had heard and maybe i missed it. I understand they otehr 5% too but still great odds I hope the surgery goes smoothly and they can sleep together soon. Feel better!

  10. Congratulations and best wishes!

  11. Congratulations!

  12. Wohoo!!! I am so happy for all of you.

    Come on baby A!!!

    Baby M, you be gentle with mommy!

  13. congratulations! i’m glad to hear you’re all doing well and that the little ones are in such good hands. i hope you start feeling better soon and get to hang out more with the ladies.

  14. Congratulations! Hope that A’s surgery went well and that you’ll all be able to be together in full health very soon.

  15. Whew. I was getting worried. Welcome to the world little ones! And I’ll keep little heart in my thougths.

  16. Congrats!! Welcome A and M!

  17. Aw Kate. I am all kind of choked up reading this. I am so glad that at long last your children are here. I hope the surgery goes well and that you recover quickly from the c-section. I can’t wait to hear more about your girls! Congratulations!

  18. Congratulations!! I hope the surgery went well.

  19. mazel tov on their arrival. HOping all went ok today and that A and M start to thrive. Hang in there, the pain gets better quite quickly.

  20. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you that you have babies! This is amazing!

    I hope that you are all three feeling a lot better very soon, and that baby A’s surgery goes picture-perfectly well.

  21. I’m late getting here, but, congratulations!!!!! Many prayers that both babies are thriving – I’ll catch up on posts.

  22. Congratulations! Wishing you and the babies a speedy recovery.

  23. P.S. You won’t have time to follow the “rules” but I wanted you to know I’ve given you the “One Lovely Blog” award. 🙂

  24. Congrats!!! Hope all 3 of you heal quickly and can enjoy all the precious moments!

  25. Sweetie–I am sending first and foremost congratulations. But also good thoughts for your quick recovery as well as the girls.

  26. One HUGE congratulations to you! I hope you will post some pics…looking forward to more updates! I’m SO happy for you.

  27. Oh, congratulations!!! I’ll be thinking of you all in the upcoming days…..

    hang in there!!

  28. congratulations! so excited for you!

  29. Congratulations and hope all is well!

  30. Congratulations! I am sure your girls are gorgeous. They have already proved they are fighters. If you need any info or reassurance regarding baby A’s upcoming surgeries or recovery, please let me know! We uni-ventricular people have to stick together!

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