Posted by: katedaphne | July 31, 2009

Movin’ on up!!

OB visit yesterday afternoon gave me quite a surprise. Fetal growth scan showed the babies are still non-concordant, though not as much as the measurement last week showed. So probably last week’s data was off but not completely off. Baby B was 5-4, Baby 5-11. The doctor assured me they are not dangerously apart, but she was concerned enough to consider taking the babies early. Then she checked my cervix, which is still closed but about 80% thinned out. So she decided for sure the babies need to come early.

So we have a new scheduled c-section day of this Tuesday, Aug. 4, at 2 p.m.

Mike and I are happy but in a bit of a daze. I guess I didn’t really internalize that this could happen, b/c everything’s been going so well (relatively speaking) and my health has been good — no contrax, good blood pressure, etc. The only complaint is that the foot and leg swelling has really gotten out of control. I was lucky to escape it as long as I did but now it is here and it is baaaadddddddd. My feet and legs look like tree trunks. My ankles are fatter than my feet. My legs are swollen all the way up to my thighs (gross). The pressure from all this swelling is pretty painful, even though I am keeping my feet up for most of my waking hours.

I had been planning a post about my fears about motherhood — can I be a good mom? Not just in the physically caring for the babies sense, but in the I-am-going-to-be-the-most-important-and-influential-person-in-someone’s-life-and-can-I-do-that-well sense. But no time for mooning about that now, just need to get ready!!  So I finally packed the hospital bag today.

If I don’t post again before the birth I will definitely have Mike post the details sometime Tuesday.

See you on the other side!!!



  1. WOW!! I am so excited for you, and yes you will be awesome in both aspects. I know it!! Will be thinking of you!! love, KateH

  2. Wow wow wow!! I can’t believe you’re going to have two little girls on Tuesday! I am leaving for a visit with family in Pennsylvania on the 4th. I’ll be thinking of you and another friend of mine a lot! And anticipating updates after our 17 hour drive.

    Good luck with everything! I am so thrilled for you and will keep you and the girls in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. I think August 4th is a great day! It’s also our anniversary. I’ll be thinking of you! Big hugs!

  4. Fantastic!!!! You are in for the ride of your life!!! Can’t wait to finally see your two beatuties 🙂 We will all be thinking of you on Tuesday 🙂

  5. Holy smokes! I can’t believe it’s so soon. I’ll be looking forward to your updates.

    I hope everything goes beautifully, that the babies are wonderful and healthy, and that you recover swiftly.

  6. That’s so exciting! You’re going to be a fantastic mom. I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday.

  7. I can’t wait for the BIG POST! 🙂 So exciting!!

  8. Woot!

  9. Wishing you luck on Aug 4!

  10. Good luck with everything!

  11. I’m so excited for you! I just had little tears come to my eyes reading your post (though I do admit to being extra emotional from the Lupron). I can’t wait to hear all the details! Best of luck to your family tomorrow!

  12. How exciting!! Good luck!

  13. Love you- will be waiting……..

  14. And here we gooooooo . . . .

    Ok, here YOU go. I am just going to be cheering from the sidelines.

    So, when you have time in about 3 years I would love to understand more why make both babies be born early when that happens. Wouldn’t they be better off the longer in the womb – even if one is growing a bit slower than the other?

    And how is baby A looking?

    I am so excited for you. Please post as soon as you can, but I will understand if that takes a bit.

  15. Kate – best of Luck for all 3 girls (you and A and B!!!) I’ll be praying for you, so that everything goes as expected. No, even 100 times better! Tomorrow is going to be your most important day in your life… WOW. Hugs!!!

  16. Wait, what? Tuesday August 4th!? That’s today!

    Oh my god, I hope this long awaited day is/was beautiful and miraculous and your girls are doing well.

  17. I hope everything went well–getting a little worried over here.

  18. I don’t want to steal the thunder, but I do want to provide reassurance: Babies were born safely on Tuesday afternoon! Mom and babies are resting comfortably in the hospital.

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