Posted by: katedaphne | July 17, 2009

A Dog’s Life

That is what I am living now: a dog’s life. Apparently, all my two dogs do all day is lie around and sleep. I know this because Tuesday was my last day of work and since then I have been hanging out at home — and following their example. Seriously, I think they have the right idea, too. I am sleeping a little better at night, but I am still ridiculously tired all the time. Gestating is hard work, no one ever really tells you this before you are pg. And gestating two — well sheesh. So yeah, sleep is now my friend.

I stopped work at 34 weeks, and we hope to make it all the way to the scheduled C at 38 weeks. The idea with stopping now is to prevent preterm labor. All my vitals are just fine, everything is going as it should, it is strictly a preventive measure. I actually feel pretty good; I have been blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy, all things considered. The fatigue is really the only thing going on. Oh, and last week the foot swelling started. I have been lucky (again) that it waited this long to appear, but now that it is here it kinda sucks. I used to have pretty cute feet. Now I have no ankles, let alone ankle bones, and my feet look like potatoes with toes stuck on the end. Being home and keeping them up helps a little but honestly, not that much. It’s all good though. The infertility vet in me knows how much worse it could be.

No doc appointments this week to report, but last week was ok. We saw the OB, who said everything was fine. I thought I was supposed to get a fetal growth scan but she said no, only once a month. I was bummed b/c the other doc in the practice does it every time, and I tried to talk her into it, but no go. So not exactly sure how much the girls weight, but if they are continuing as they have been they ought to be around 4 pounds by now. I will find out for sure next week. As for me, I have now gained more than 30 pounds. Which is pretty good for a twin pregnancy. It is all in the belly, except perhaps a few pounds of water in the feet! Before I was pg I thought I would be annoyed by people commenting on how large I was. I was wrong, I am annoyed by people commenting on how SMALL I am! Believe me, it does not feel small to me. 35 pounds is nearly a third again of my body weight, so percentagewise, this belly is HEAVY!

We also saw the fetal cardiologist last week, and things are looking quite good with Little Miss A’s heart. Well, as good as they can. They were actually able to detect a little bit of blood flow through a valve they had previously thought was completely closed. Most likely this won’t change anything, but if when she’s here they can see a LOT of flow through it they may be able to put her surgeries off to a slightly later date. She’ll still need them all, but if they can be done when she is a little bigger and stronger that would be better for her and easier for the surgeon. We see them again just once more before the birth. (Then of course, we’ll be seeing them all the time…)

Isn’t it amazing that they can not only see a heart but see a BLOOD VESSEL in someone so small, and not even born? AND be able to see if it is working or not? These cardio visits are a wonder to me, truly amazing.

The nursery is juuuuuusssstttttt about all set up, and we have pretty much everything we need at this point. The IF vet in me felt a little weird cutting tags off baby clothes and washing them — such a permanent thing to do, considering there’s not yet a little person in the house to wear it all yet. But the rest of me just really feels better being more ready and having things all set and at hand. I guess I pretty much believe I’m going to have not one but TWO live births, in 25 days or less. Incredible. And if these little people are really going to come home and live with me, I’ll feel more comfortabel if I’m ready for them. And honestly — if “The Worst” happened, having washed these clothes or set up these cribs is not going to make me any sadder than I would be otherwise.

Don’t want to leave you on such a depressing thought, so I will just add — I bought two little matching hooded towels today at Target. They are bright yellow with duck faces on the hood. So freaking cute I couldn’t stand it. And this coming from someone who doesn’t even like “cute.” But oh! These ducks! Every day will be bath day!!! I wish they made one big enough for me too.



  1. I’m so glad to hear you are doing well… swollen cankles and all:). And already past 34 weeks… that is fabulous!

    Hang in there and enjoy the lounging:)

  2. I bought my nephew (who is now almost 7) a duck towel and matching night night clothes years ago. They were by Carter. My sister, being the wonderful sentimental pack rat she is, kept a lot of his baby clothes. And I hope to inherit them someday soon. Along with all the stuff from my “surprise” niece.

    I am glad that everything is still going swimmingly, considering the circumstances. When you put it in terms of “25 days” I just can’t believe it. WOW.

    Enjoy all of the sleep you can! It’s too bad we can’t “bottle” extra sleep to keep us refreshed when we’re not getting enough later on down the line. I have a feeling if I could figure something like that out, I would be a billionaire. 😛

  3. Yeah, I’ve been stunned at how, all of a sudden, I’m all about the teeensy weensy clothes: “Oh, look, little cargo shorts! Aw!” That sort of thing. I think it’s hormonal.

    Though I know the duck towels of which you speak, and they are indeed very cute.

    25 days? Holy cow! Whoot!

  4. Congrats on getting this far! Can’t wait to hear more about the little ladies!

  5. I was 110 pounds before I had my twins, and gained nearly 70. My ASS was heavy 🙂

    The belly? Oh boy, yes, couldn’t walk anymore.



  6. Geohde — I think your experience is probably more typical, and bless your heart. 70 pounds! How could you move?!

    But still! This is big for me!

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