Posted by: katedaphne | June 5, 2009


It’s been a dicey couple of weeks here around Twincubator Central. But things are looking up.

Last week at our cardiology checkup, things had taken another turn for the worse. Fluid around Baby A’s heart was present, which is a sign of heart failure. Also, her heart was borderline enlarged, also not good. Her heat function, which had been measuring perfectly despite the problems, was down to 8/10. Her heart rhythm was actually looking a bit better, so the mixed signals were confusing. Concerned about a rapid buildup of fluid, they had me come back in two days instead of the usual week. Two days later, things were still looking stable.

This week, all was much improved. Fluid gone, no more enlargement, and heart function back up to 10/10. Yahoo! They are positing that this all occurred because of a minor virus I had. We don’t really know if I HAD one, but I was feeling poorly last week, headachy. I thought it was because of the humidity and change in weather. But who knows? The important thing is — she is hanging in there, and we don’t need any medication for her so far.

It also dawned on us that at 28 weeks, and with a planned delivery at 38 weeks — we are only 10 weeks away from being a family!!! It was a joyful, and not a little sobering, thought. So there you have it, 10/10/10.


Our friends are throwing a shower for us tomorrow.

The infertile in me is still having the heebie-jeebies about it. But the mom-to-be in me is trying to go with the flow and enjoy it. It’s a pretty big, coed party, with Mike’s and my friends both. It’s at a beautiful park, and so I told people to bring their families. Several are, so there will be actual KIDS at this party. Yes, my inner infertile is freaking out.

But I don’t want to let my past handcuff my future. And the way to not let it hold me back is to — not let it hold me back. Will it be hard? Hell yeah. Will it be as hard as suffering through IF and IVF hell? Of course not. We are on the road to our dream, what we have waited and wanted and wished for for so long. My past will always be with me and shape me, IF will never go away or be cured. But I am not going to let it steal any more from me.

Bring on the dorky baby shower games.



  1. I am absolutely overjoyed that your way, way, way overdue babyshower is tomorrow. That’s awesome!

  2. Great news! Enjoy the shower.

  3. It’s great to hear an update. Enjoy your party tomorrow. It’s been a long time coming!

  4. Great news about A–how amazing that things are looking up! This gal’s a fighter.

    Enjoy the party (calling it that feels better than a shower) and your last few weeks at Twincubator Central.

  5. congratulations, and have a great time!

  6. Come on Baby A! Keep up the good work!

    I hope to hear nothing but good, good news all the way through.

    Have a great time at the shower and don’t be a stranger!

  7. Good for you! Hope the shower was great. It’s about time.

  8. Good that we have a fighter there!!! Enjoy the shower. Hugs!

  9. Any updates?

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