Posted by: katedaphne | May 19, 2009

I’m back!

Big thanks to Sunshine for keeping you all in the loop for me. I should’ve asked her to do that sooner! Sorry to go AWOL for a while. I just needed to hibernate for a while; things were happening but I had just NO energy to talk/write about it. Just getting through the day was hard enough. Sunshine explained things pretty well. We’ll now be monitored by the fetal cardiologist weekly and hoping for no more blockage to occur.

We had some good news today, at last, that I wanted to share. Just a simple OB appt. and fetal growth scan. In a month, both babies gained one pound, one ounce each! That’s awesome growth, and we’re so happy!!! “A” is now 1 lb, 15 oz., and “M” is 2 lbs. even. A month ago they were in the 25th percentile, but now they are in the 46th and 50th. Woo-hoo! No wonder I’ve been tired, hey?! (This is good b/c we need a hefty birthweight for “A” so she can have her surgery.)  Also, the doc measured my belly for the first time. I measure 33 weeks — even though I am just at 26 weeks today! So yeah, I am tired and huge, but for once it is all good.

Also, she is signing the papers for me to go on short-term disability starting next week. I really need a break; I just can’t keep up this pace. I’ll start out working 20 hours a week and see how that goes. When it’s time, I’ll quit completely. But I think this will be best for now. I’m not ready to stop completely yet, I don’t feel bad enough to stay put that much and I’d be bored. I think this will be perfect!

Now I am comfortably chilling in what we here call “the gestation station” — ie, our reclining couch. Watching American Idol and hanging out with my guy and my puppy.



  1. It’s fantastic to hear from you, and especially with wonderful news about your munchkins’ growth. Keep up the good work at your gestation station!

  2. Kate, I’m so glad to hear the good news on the babies’ weights. That is fantastic! Glad you’ll get to start on STD and feel more rested.

    Thanks for sharing the link to your blog, I’ll be checking in for updates.

  3. Here’s to many restful, happy hours at the G Station! Sounds divine.

    That’s fantastic news about the babies’ gain. Grow, little ones, grow!

  4. thats awesome how much they have grown. Grow babies grow!

  5. Kate, so good to hear the wonderful growth news! And very glad you’ll be on at least partial STD soon. I like the sound of the ‘gestation station!!’

  6. Welcome back.
    The growth news is most fab, and I pray that it continues for many, many weeks to come.

    Happy Gestating:)

  7. Oooo! Happy news! I am crossing everything that you will get as close to 40 weeks as possible and baby A does fantastic.

    Motto for the next 14 weeks: No Drama!

  8. I am so glad to hear from you directly and very relieved therehas been some good news. Wishing you many more boring gestational weeks.



  9. I love good news! Happy incubating! 🙂

  10. “the gestation station”

    HA! I love it!

  11. Awesome! I’m so happy for you, Kate, and for the babies!

  12. Oh, I’m so glad for you, such good news!

    Welcome back!

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