Posted by: katedaphne | December 18, 2008

bittersweet day

beta = (drumroll please)


but our dog samantha is sick. she is in surgery now and may have to be euthanized. could be “bloat” or could be a stomach tumor. will post more later.



  1. Yahooooo!!!!! About the Beta.

    But I’m very sorry poor Samantha is sick. I will be holding out hope that she will be OK.

  2. I’ll hope for bloat. Delta the english mastiff has had it 3 times.

    It’s especially common in large dogs!

  3. Kate, I’m sorry about your puppy. I hope she will be ok.

    I hope it is ok to admit that when I saw ‘bittersweet’ didn’t refer to the beta being less than stellar, I was relieved.

    WOHOOO!!!! on the beta!!!! I am jumping with joy over here!

  4. Yippee on the beta!

    I hope samantha only has the bloat and is ok.

  5. Wow!!! Excellent numbers!!!! Exhale. I am so happy for this step.

    I will keep Samantha in my thoughts. Having a sick furkid is no fun.

  6. Lovely beta- nice work 🙂

    I am sorry samantha is so sick. Hoping she pulls through.


  7. Yahoo!!!!!!!

    So sorry about your pup…

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