Posted by: katedaphne | December 17, 2008

Big Mouth, and other Tags-I’m-It

I’ve been a litttle preoccupied with cycling and haven”t really had the energy to post about much else the last few days — which is bad b/c I’ve been tagged, twice.

First, by Kami, who passes on the Speak Out, Speak Up Award to me. Thanks Kami! I always say, don’t suffer in silence. If you don’t speak up about what you are going through, or what you want, or what you need — no one will ever know. Even the coolest people are usually not mind-readers.


Be sure to click the link to learn about the award, it is hilarious, and awesome, and so very true! Then click over to Kami’s blog, The Other Side and then to Me, at We Are What We Repeatedly Do, who passed it to her.

Next up, Random Weird Things. I was tagged by Jodie at Falling Or Flying. Here are the rules”

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about you.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end, and include links to their blogs.

Ok, so seven weird things about me. Hmmm, only seven, huh?
1. I bite my nails. Except I dont really bite my nails nails, I chew my cuticles and the soft area beside my nails. I do not know why I do this, and often I don’t even know I am doing this, until I draw blood. In spite of this, my nails themselves usually look pretty good, long and naturally well-shaped and polished. Except for this one thing.

2. I like pets. That’s not weird. What’s weird is I liked them a LOT. I used to have six pets altogether. Thee was more pet-weight in the house than there was Kate-weight. I had three cats and three dogs. One dog (Max) and one kitty (Olivia) have recently passed away so I am down to four. But that’s still a lot of animals for one small house. I LOVE it!

3. I hate the color pink and do not consider myself very “girlie,” but I have my desk at work festooned with a hot-pink feather boa draped around my computer monitor and hot-pink, heart-shaped post-it notes are all over the place, and I have a white and pink vase with pinkish roses carved of wood. But I can explain….. It’s all ironic, you see. The feather boa came in a press kit my former podmate received. She put it on my computer before I got to work, I thought it was funny so I kept it. The post-its are left over from my sister’s bridal shower. The pink vase was my grandmother’s, and the roses I got at a home show and they were just cool. They’re more purply than pink anyway.

4. I dislike most white foods. The big exception is I like most cheese. But I hate mayo. Hate cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese. Can’t stand ranch dressing or ranch dip, or really any dip that’s white. Despise milk, plain yogurt (yogurt with fruit is ok, it isn’t really white). I like things like potatos, or popcorn, or eggs. Also, ice cream, but usually that’s not white. And vanilla has vanilla flavoring, so I’m good with that. But mainly, white food = yuck.

5. I am a total bookworm. I read all the time. Really. I am usually in the middle of two or more books at once. I read while I brush my teeth even. I like everything from mysteries to chick lit, thrillers to historical fiction. I like Victorian literature a lot. I prefer novels to short stories, and I don’t really like non-fiction. Not super fond of American “lit” but if I ever write a novel (i might) I’ll be influenced a lot by Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms (also, Jane Austen. Can you be influenced by both at the same time?). I read a lot of my books over and over; to me they are like friends.

6. I sleep with the blankets completely over my head, with just a small hole around my face so I can breathe. It’s because I am afraid a spider will crawl in my ear while I am sleeping.

6.5 I am arachnaphobic. Really. Not, Oh she’s scared of spiders, so am I. I get actaul physical symptoms when I see one — fast heartbeat, sweaty palms, feet rooted to ground, etc. I used to pay my brother my allowance to kill spiders in my room when I was a kid. (We lived in the woods in northern Michigan.)

7. All of my statuses this week on Facebook have been song lyrics. (They’re kind of a shout-out to a friend.)

Ok, I am supposed to tag some more folks, but I’ll do that another day. Time to take my pills and go to sleep. Beta #2 day quickly approaches. I’m scared to death.



  1. I shall be thinking of you. Good luck.


  2. Good luck today.

  3. I’m guilty of #1 as well. It always makes me feel better when I find someone else with this issue. 😉

  4. Thinking of you today. Come on beta #2!

  5. I am right there with you on #1 and #4. I am more of a tearer than a biter, however.

  6. Spiders. Really? I dont think I knew that about you. But I am really thinking about you guys and hoping hoping hoping.

  7. Jayzus! The spider in the ear thing? I’m phobic about that too, but I sleep with a scarf/wrap thing on my head and pull it down over my ears!

    And the book thing! Although am slightly concerned about your thing with colours, you dislike white food and pink everything (except around your PC… where you must spend a fair bit of time – ironically ;o) )

    OK. Am going to stop writing comments about how similar we are on old posts now for fear of being branded a weird stalker type person…

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