Posted by: katedaphne | December 15, 2008

Hoping my Silver Bullet doesn’t turn out to be a Pellet of Lead

Mike and I have been so mindful this cycle of this time last year. We had a seemingly great cycle in NYC, then came home to get several positive pee stix. But it ended up a chemical pregnancy. What a way to ruin (another) Christmas.

So we’re hoping for the best here this year but are aware of how quickly it can all go south. In that spirit:


Beta tomorrow. Pretty sure it will be positive based on these tests. So I won’t really be happy until the second one, to make sure the numbers are going the right way. Okay, actually, I won’t really be happy until I see an u/s, heartbeats,etc. — let’s make it, when I have a take-home baby in my actual arms, then I’ll be happy.

But for today, Step One.



  1. Yes. Yes.

    Waiting with you for the 2nd beta .. . .

  2. Positive pee sticks are a great first step – can’t wait to read about your beta results!

  3. These are the first steps on a long journey, but they are excellent steps. Sending lots of wonderful thoughts for many, many good steps!

  4. I’m sending you lots of high-fertility positive karma…

  5. One step at a time will get you there. Those sticks are getting darker each time which is a great sign!

    If you can, get the Dr to test your P4 at the same time.

  6. I’ve had your blog open since yesterday waiting for this post!

    This is a whole ‘nother ball game baby! Can’t wait to start playing the “Is it twins?” game after the beta tomorrow.

    I know . . . but I can hope! Not that I hope you have twins, but hope you have at least one healthy baby in 8 months!

  7. A very good start! Can’t wait to hear about the betas and I’m crossing all possible appendages for a beautiful result.

  8. Excellent! Holding my breath with you!!!!

  9. i am so beyond thrilled for you!!! waiting for the betas with you, and know we (i) will be there to hold your hand til s/he/they come(s) home.

  10. Yeah! Waiting patiently for the beta and 2nd beta results.

  11. Hooray!!!

  12. Oh, I am SO SO happy for you right now! I can’t wait to hear about the betas!!! It is your turn!!

  13. Hells yeah!!!!

  14. Dancing a happy happy dance!!!!

    I’d go all out and predict more than one, but that’s bad juju.

    crossing everything for your betas.


  15. Beautiful dark + for 11dpo! Cannot wait for those doubling betas!

  16. Woo-hoo! Congratulations!!

  17. This is wonderful!! Vibes for doubling betas!

  18. So fantastic! I will be on pins & needles waiting for betas.

  19. I’ve lurked on your blog for awhile now, but never commented. I wanted to de-lurk and tell you I hope that this is the first step of many more wonderful steps to come!

  20. Congratulations on your Step 1…Keeping fingers and toes crossed and saying a prayer.

  21. This. IS. Going. To. Happen.

  22. Woot! Woot! Woot!

  23. Oh. My. G*d, you are actually me. But white. And American. And now a mother. But apart from that we have lots in common! You even start testing ridiculously early and scrawl black marker all over your tests the same way I do. Although I have been known to also write down exactly how many seconds they took to come up positive. And the precise time of day. But then I am a Virgo and accordingly anal…. WHY did it take me so long to find your blog?!

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