Posted by: katedaphne | December 5, 2008

101, or, The Eagles Have Landed

Wow, I had my 100th post and did not even notice. Go me!

So today was transfer day. It’s my favorite day in the process. I always feel so happy to get those embryos back. Today was no exception. I always actually get a little teary in the recovery room, waiting out my 30 minutes before I can get up and go to the bathroom (wow, the full-bladder ultrasound-guided bit is tough!).

We transferred two nice-looking 6-celled embryos. At first I was worried — shouldn’t they be 8 cells by now? But the doc assured me they were just fine and that the standard they work from is “anything 6 or more is perfect.” Okay, I am still a little worried. But I’m making the choice to accept and go with the flow and just have a positive attitude.

We took the train into the city for the transfer. We’d been so nervous all day and all week, really. On the train, we had an attack of the sillies. We talked a little about names — we have our boy and girl names chosen (have had for years) — so we talked about what if we have twins, etc. Then we got onto, what should I nickname them for my blog? Artemis and Apollo? Odysseus and Penelope? Paris and Helen? (I like the ancient stuff.) Mike says too grand. What? These embies have cost a hundred grand and five years of my life, I think grand is ok. But how about Greg and Marcia? Joanie and Chachi? Well, I guess we have a little time to figure it out.

My beta is Dec. 16. There’s time enough after that to feel shitty if it doesn’t work. For the next 11 days I am Postive Thinking Girl. Where’s my cape?



  1. GOOD LUCK!! Keep us posted on Artemis and Apollo (my personal favorites)….

  2. WOOOHOOO!!! Snuggle in, little ones! If you need a cape, you can pick up one of the Red Cape Awards from my blog! Every Positive Thinking Girl needs a big, red cape to curl up in! 🙂 I’m so, so happy for your and I’m positive right with you!

  3. Oh I’m so so SO optimistic for you! Literally can’t help smiling at the moment!!!

  4. Good luck!! I hope this is finally the cycle that makes the difference.

  5. Good luck! I’m thinking happy thoughts!

  6. ALL my positive thoughts are with you!!!! I’m so excited.

    We called our embies Buffy and Jody (Family Affair.)

  7. You can have my cape 🙂

    The very best of luck.



  8. Yay, for you…and best of luck. I remember the happiness of transfer day. I wish you many continued days just like it.

  9. get your cape ready girl! I am transfering this thursday… here’s hoping to both of us flying around in mommy capes soon. kym will supply em i know she will…..

  10. Big sticky thoughts and prayers for you.

  11. Hi, found you from The Other Side blog – I’m so impressed with your blog and articles! Thanks for bringing IF into the open. Sending you sticky thoughts for your embies – good luck picking aliases!

  12. Aack, I’m late again….. I knew your transfer was coming up, but my head was up my own ass, you see…

    So, late congratulations, crossing my toes for you and thinking happy thoughts!!

    Hang in there, Positive Girl!!

  13. Kate – BEST of LUCK to you and embies!!! I’m rooting for beta of 383 on the 16th!

  14. Good luck, Kate! May you get a fantastic beta and all that should follow…

  15. Crossing everything for you that all goes to plan. Enjoy your happy thoughts!! May your dreams come true for Christmas.

  16. DUDE! POAS MUCH?! Need updates pls! Mogo is waiting!

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