Posted by: katedaphne | December 4, 2008

Personal shopper day

Peter, the assistant to the Executive Personal Shopper at Bloomingdales, got a workout today.

I decided to give a nod to the universe and its famously cranky-pants ways. Since it usually does the opposite of what I want, I’m puttin git to the test. Though normally I hate to buy clothes while I’m cycling, or about to cycle, or thinking of cycling (because you know, if it WORKS I won’t be able to fit into the clothes for long at all), today I decided: Fuck it. I am buying clothes. Sort of exspensive (in my world) clothes.

So I marhced up to the personal shoppers at Bloomies and enlisted their help in finding blue jeans. Men will wonder WTF is the big deal, but women will understand. Buying jeans sucks. It is so difficult to find a pair that fits right in all the right places and looks good and (in my case) is affordable. I read somewhere you have to try on 127 pairs to find the right one.

Well no way do I have the patience, stamina or knowledge to find127 pairs of pants. Enter Peter.

I told him what I wanted, and he got Mike and me ensconced in a nice private fitting room (very spacious, my own personal three-angle mirror) and got us drinks (no, not cocktails, though I would’ve taken one even if it was only 10:30 a.m. (whaat? I haven’t transferred yet! 🙂 ) and then went to fetch my pants.

It took him about four trips to the denim department two floors down, but at last I had it narrowed down to two choices. After only trying on 15 pairs. Peter does not know how lucky he is.

I chose one pair. They fit well and look great, even if they are about 10 inches too long. Oh well, that is what I get for being “petite.” I will get them hemmed at home.

Mike told me this afternoon as I unpacked the Bloomies bag, “I hope that was a colossal waste of money!”

Is he a great guy or what?


All this was fun, but did not for a moment make me forget what I am waiting for: My call tomorrow to tell me when we are doing our transfer. Grow embies grow!!!



  1. A good fitting pair of jeans is just one of those things a lady needs 😉


  2. Hey – be glad they’re too long: you can always hem them. I am 6’0″ and if they’re too short I’m SOL.

    P.S. You should post pics of your hot little a$$ – you’ll want the “before” pics someday. 😉

  3. Hey there, wanted to wish you great success at Cornell. Also wanted to alert you (and I’d have hoped Cornell did as well) that blocked fallopian tubes are associated with significantly diminished success in IVF patients. I couldn’t believe it myself since IVF avoids use of fallopian tubes completely. There is a link between the fluid that collects in the fallopian tubes and implantation and/or embryo viability.

    So, if you have blocked fallopian tubes, please speak with your doctor before you proceed with more IVF (whether your eggs or donor).

    Much luck!

  4. Anyone who finds a well-fitting pair of jeans deserves a hearty congratulations!!

  5. Good for you! My current jean search involves getting lucky at Costco then going back and buying 4 extra pairs

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