Posted by: katedaphne | October 26, 2008

Dealing with loss

My friend Sunshine sent me this article about dealing with a miscarriage. I thought it was one of the few articles out there that I cold relate to. Although, I did not like the end. I goes into some crap about hope, and all of my loyal readers know how I feel about hope (frigging OVER it…).

It discusses the difficulty of talking about miscarriage, and that there really isn’t much to say to someone who has suffered one. But I say: It is true there isn’t much to say. But when someone has had a loss — be it parent, child, spouse, friend, colleague, neighbor — there never is. Generally we say, “I am sorry for your loss,” which we know is inadequate, but it has a much deeper meaning: “I am aware of your loss, and aware there’s nothing I can say or do, but I want you to know, I give a crap, and I’m sorry.”



  1. I am sorry is probably the best thing that can be said, like you say it carries the deeper meaning.

    I used to get really REALLY upset when people talked things down or ignored it completely. That was bad.


  2. The one thing I hate about blogging is my lack of words to deal with so many situations. So often I wish I could just offer a wordless hug and share my tears. I feel so inadequate saying I’m sorry.

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