Posted by: katedaphne | October 26, 2008

DE cycle update

AF finally showed so now we are getting this show on the road!

Yesterday (Saturday) — Started BCPs
Nov. 5 — start Lupron
Get lupron bleed in a week, then,
Start estrogen patches
Go to Cornell soon after that. (Probably won’t put the exact travel dates here, since that would sort of alert burglars that my house will be defended only by two cats…)
Tentative ER for the donor is in the first week of December.
Tentative transfer is 3-5 days after ER.

I need to dig out my prenatal vitamins and folic acid pills and start taking them. I know I should just be taking them all the time, especially the folic acid, but I just can’t. It is too depressing.

And I need to STOP taking my Elavil and Ambien, too. Going to quit the Elavil (antidepressant) b/c it is not safe during pregnancy, and I don’t know how long it stays in the body so I just want to be extra safe. If this damn cycle works, I hope that I will be able to go without such a med anymore. But if I find I really can’t, I will switch to something safer. As for the ambien, going off that can really mess up your sleep so i am hoping to do it slowly. I am going to be tired this month!! But one thing I do NOT intend to go off is caffeine. No ambien, no caffeine = i do not know how I would LIVE!

Oh, and I have to get all the pre-cycling bloodwork updated, and a new SIS. They faxed me the scrips for the bloodworks a few days ago, on a day I was really stressed and busy — and I forgot to go fetch them off the company fax. So for several hours there were scrips for tests for HIV, hep C, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc., on the machine at work. Ugh!

The SIS (saline sonogram) is Thursday. I agonized over whether to have it or not, because I had one earlier this year and could just have those results sent up. But I am super panicky about fibroids, polyps, etc., so I decided to just suck it up and have another one done. Read this post to hear about how rotten that one went and you’ll see why I hesitate to have one. But this one should be easier because they know me now and have seen that evil, twisty little cervix before. I still plan to get a chocolate milkshake out of the deal.



  1. I was on Elavil for years, it was my salvation. Before that I tried every antidepressant known to man with no relief. I was treated by an Endocrinologist, he was the only person that could figure out the best medicine for me after almost 20yrs of depression. When Hubby and I decided we wanted to try for a baby (I have a son & daughter from a previous marriage, and am dealing with age related secondary infertility and hubby has no children), anyway, He advised that I be off Elavil for one month before conception. It’s been 3yrs and so although I have not gotten pregnant I have been okay off the meds. Although I had not used Elavil before the birth of my children I can tell you that being pregnant with my children completely wiped out my depression and I felt better than I ever had in my life, even better than on Elavil years later. Hope the mention of kids does not upset you, I just wanted to share my experience being off the meds. and being pregnant. I am thinking good thoughts and sending prayers for a successful cycle.

  2. I don’t blame you on not quitting the caffeine. After all this time a girl’s just gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

  3. I’m so excited for your cycle…best wishes!

  4. Exciting!!! Good luck to be finally getting going.

  5. Oh, my gosh! So exciting! lots and lots of luck to you!

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