Posted by: katedaphne | October 22, 2008

Add to to-do list: BLOG!!

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long. I do have lots to write about but so busy and so tired lately! And now our Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Freaking Series so there’s more sleep lost! I’ll cacth up here soon I swear.

I need to write about HelpingMakeSense and thank her, and I need to update y’all on my donor egg cycle. It’s still on, assuming A-Freaking-F ever shows up so I can start the BCPs, etc. Of course I am two days late but know better than to think it might be for any good reason… Otherwise all’s well and I will update soon I swear.



  1. I’m sending AF along your way, because she’s overstayed her welcome and I’m ready to send her packing.

    I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming DE cycle once you get the chance to slow down and breathe!

  2. Looking forward to a real update. I understand about being too busy to blog, though. Hope A-f’ing-F shows up soon.

  3. Missing you!!

  4. Glad you’re doing well – good luck to the TBRs tonight! (I stopped caring a long time ago – Cardinals fan. Sigh.)
    I look forward to the real update! I can’t believe how quickly this cycle seems to be happening!

  5. I really miss the updates! Hate clicking on your url and it says the same thing everyday. Really need an update on how your DE is going.

  6. For example, some things I might deem important enough to spend extra on organic vegetables or natural fed meats, other things not. ,

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