Posted by: katedaphne | October 3, 2008

Holy crap holy crap holy crap

ok this has to be real fast b/c am at work and while here i lurk on blogs but hate to spend much time posting…

but i called the nurse this morning to ask about some routine testing we need to update (you know, HIV, hep, etc…) and she answered my questions and then said, “it is ironic that you are calling today because we are about to offer you a donor….”

they need to finish some paperwork, etc., with said donor and will be calling me soon to make the offer!


(how am i going to get any work done today?)


ok, so i wrote the above so quickly i managed to not hit “publish” but “save as draft.” oops.

that was wednesday. we received the packet of info about the donor yesterday and LOVE her!
i’m calling to accept the donor this morning. cycle will proceed as quickly as donor and i and other recipient (it’s a shared cycle) can be synced up.




  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news!!!!!!!!! So weird how you called the same day they were going to call you!!!!!



  2. Again, I am SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO thrilled for you guys. Please post on the pinning our hopes group when you get a chance!
    Let the cycling begin!!!!!!!


  3. What great news to read! Holy crap is right! yippee!

  4. How exciting – what great news for you!

  5. Hooray! What great news.

  6. Yay!!! Wonderful news!

  7. Holy Crap! I would not have gotten any work done the rest of the week. I am excited for you! Keep up posted!

  8. What phenomenal news. SO happy for you!


  9. THAT’S FREAKING AWESOME!!! I’m ecstatic for you!

  10. Wonderful news…I was starting to get antsy. Congratulations as you take this next step towards becoming parents.

  11. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!! So excited to hear about you becoming a mommy…yeah!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh wow! How wonderfully exciting!!!

  13. WooooooooHoooooo!! Here you go :)!

  14. OMG that is so exciting…I know I just read so It’s been a little while. I can’t wait to read more when you update.

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