Posted by: katedaphne | September 4, 2008

Peke-a-poo Planet

This is my new coping method, when people annoy me (which is seldom when I’m my normal self but is irritatingly frequent during this stupid prep cycle). You’ve heard of The Rapture, in which people instantly, magically disappear, presumably to heaven, leaving no trace behind? In KateLand, people who tick me off are instantly, magically removed and replaced with, yes, peke-a-poos.

Seriously, what could be cuter than being in an office or a clinic full of sweet, fluffy, slightly underbitten, peke-a-poos? It can’t help but make me smile. Picture your office full of pups walking around, sort of Planet of the Apes style, with rudimentary clothing and speaking broken English punctuated with some woofing. Maybe carrying little clipboards, or at the clinic, wearing little white nurse caps? Imagine the jerk who cut you off on the highway this morning suddenly replaced with a little peke-a-poo at the wheel. Or maybe two, one at the wheel and another working the pedals. The steering one would have his little head out the window, ears blowing back and big dumb doggie grin on his face.

I recommend Peke-a-poo Planet and an infusion of gourmet hot chocolate for any stress-related problems you may be facing.


(up to two estrogen patches now. those are weird, if the meds don’t come via injection i am suspicious that nothing’s happening. had E2 drawn this morning so should know soon how they are working. waited an excruciatingly long time to be seen this morning, acceptable at Cornell but at USF it’s just irritating. thank goodness for Peke Planet!!)



  1. Ya, as silly as it is, sometimes animal cuteness can just break through the worst of moods. And oh so much better than imagining some people in underwear – ew!

  2. You are so funny!

  3. This is a great idea! While I may not have the same Peek-a-poo relaxation response, I honestly like the approach.

    Especially the hot chocolate bit. It’s one of the only things keeping me sane of late.

  4. too funny! We all have our ways of coping don’t we?!

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