Posted by: katedaphne | August 19, 2008

Fay gets shy

Well our local evacuation order was lifted because the storm decided to make landfall much further south than first thought. So the Naples area is, as they say, “getting some weather,” but up here they say no storm surge, just some wind and rain.

I’ve decided to leave Olivia and the other cats here at home (now that we can be sure they’ll let us cross the bridge and come home from work tonight). They’ll be much happier here than moved elsewhere. Still doing to bring the dog’s to mom’s. Sammie doesn’t like thunderstorms and Nicky likes having the company.

Still, a much easier day than we expected. Whew!

Good luck to all my friends to the south of here.



  1. I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! So glad things worked out well for you with “Fay”. I do have one question though, is there any way to stop Snoppy from dancing? I find it very hard to read your post with all that movement in my right eye. Just wondering?

  2. Checking in to say that I’m glad all is well with Fay- and that you are moving forward with DE plans—

    Stay dry!!!

  3. Snoopy’s gone….

  4. We live to serve here at SoE! Actually, that was a good wakeup call, since that was an old link anyway. There are a few others I need to clean up. (Who knew my blog would end up like my closet?)

  5. Whohoo! Glad to hear it!

  6. Glad you missed the evacuation. Hope Olivia is doing ok. *hugs*

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