Posted by: katedaphne | August 17, 2008

Yep, we’re gonna do it

I never got around to posting much about our last visit to NYC and Cornell. But we’re going ahead and going with donor egg. My doc said he’d cycle me again if we wanted but that he understood if we were feeling “over” that. So DE it is. Some of you may remember my sis had said she would donate her eggs, which made me very happy. But I don’t think she’s ready to do that right now, or anytime soon — and this is no knock on her, she has a lot going on in her life. I think she’d do it but not anytime real soon, and we’re just not willing to wait. So we’re going with Cornell and their anonymous donor program for now. It would be very cool if this worked, and then later my sis chipped in to help make a sibling. But for now, it’s anonymous for us. We’re okay with that. We’re trying to think of it as “trading up in the gene pool.”

So right now I am doing the “prep” cycle, so the docs can see how my body responds to the estrogen patches. This is necessary so when we do the real thing they can sync me up with the donor’s cycle. The prep cycle consists of lupron, then estrogen patches, then PIO. I’ve been on the lupy since Thursday, and the lupron headaches kicked in last night. Last night was a bad one; today it’s there but sort of in the background. I hope it stays back there and doesn’t go full-on. Tomorrow we have to get ready (finish getting ready, really) to evacuate for a hurricane.

Hurricane Fay has us in her sights. Luckily we have a close, convenient, safe place to go — my parents’ — but it’s complicated by the fact that I work at a newspaper (not likely to let me stay home during the storm) and caring for a cat with cancer. Ah well — since when should any cycle, even a prep cycle, be easy?



  1. Huge hugs. I hope ED is successful for you – and in the meantime that your catbaby is in no pain and Fay doesn’t hit you too badly.

  2. Best of luck to you!! If this IVF doesn’t work, we’ll be doing DE, too.

    Can I ask why you’re coming to NYC for DE? Do they not have a DE program at your local clinic?

  3. I’m hoping all the best for you with your upcoming cycle. I’m excited for you! Hurricane Fay? I need to check the news, because I haven’t heard anything about it. Just goes to show you what a hole I’ve been in the past few days. We have to watch out for hurricanes also here in southern GA, and we are nowhere near prepared for anything to slam us.

    Mock cycles are a booger, and lupron headaches are even worse. I hope you get some relief once you start the patches.

  4. Good luck, both with the mock cycle and with the real deal. Cheering you on from the sidelines,



  5. So glad to hear that you are moving forward with it. I know it’s a big decision and I’ll be hoping to see you cycle by the end of the year! Please KUP!

  6. Just found your site – I’ll soon start my second IVF with DE (dx with thrombophilia after recurrent m/c). Good luck to you! Hope Fay doesn’t stick around too long.

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