Posted by: katedaphne | August 17, 2008

Good question

Lisa asked why we aren’t doing DE at our local clinic, which is a good question that probably others are wondering too, so here’s the answer.

Our local clinic does indeed do DE but they do not match you to donors themselves. You have to find your own donor or work with an agency. If we do end up doing a cycle with my sister’s eggs we’ll do it locally. But we’ve decided that we’re not comfortable using an agency, for a couple of reasons. If you are using one that’s cool; it’s just not for us. Cornell has a good anonymous program: a very thorough screening program (only about 25 percent of applicants to be donors are accepted) and a very good matching process. We just feel better about going this route. It is actually a bit cheaper than local, because there are no agency fees. There’s travel for us but we should probably still come out ahead. But it isn’t a financial decision for us. Another plus is they will match us pretty quickly, we and they think, because although we are just starting the process we have technically been on the wait list for more than a year now. We don’t think we have any super unique donor criteria that might make finding a match take a while. So I am hopeful we may be able to get matched and do a cycle before the end of the year. That’s pushing it, I know. But hey, a girl can dream.



  1. I like your dream – I hope it comes true.

  2. So freaking excited for you!!!

  3. How cool! Way to move forward! I hope you do get things rolling quickly.

  4. That makes total sense! As a matter of fact, we’ve made the same decision as you. We went on the donor list at our clinic over a year ago, but decided to keep cycling. We’re on hold right now, but, if we decide to go that route, we will be moved right back to the top. For us, the anonymous, non-agency route was the right one, too, for all the same reasons as yours.

    We were originally told that the list would be 6-8 months, but, we were matched in 3.5 months (of course, it happened during the brief period I was pregnant), so, there is a possibility you could get in before the end of the year!

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