Posted by: katedaphne | August 12, 2008

There is nothing left in the back yard to prune.

Normally my overriding emotion is sadness. Today, just for shits and giggles, I am trying something different — anger. Variety being the spice of life and all. I’m not going to post about that here today, though. If I did I’d have to change the name of the blog to It’s Either Sadness, Euphoria, Or Pure White Freaking Fury. Maybe I’ll hop over to the VMB and vent there. *Edited to add: The Rant, at VMB.


My usual favorite method of getting out aggression is to go out in the yard and prune. I don’t like gardening much but I like flowers. I like a yard more jungly and happily messy than neat and ordered. My gardening method is to pick plants that are drought-tolerant and like heat and sun, then to plant them and leave them alone. It is survival of the fittest in my yard. Darwin baby — if you can’t survive by yourself you don’t get to live in my yard!

The one chore out there I will happily do is prune. I LOVE me some clippers, oh yeah. Whack whack whack, nothing that stands still is safe from me. Which is unfortunate if you happen to be a plant… One time I went out on a tear, Mike stood by and begged helplessly, “Not that one, Baby, I like that one! … Nooo, not THAT one, I love that one… nooo-o-o-o-ooo! … Can’t we keep THAT one? …” Nope — I was a madwoman with those hedge clippers. Those poor shrubs were short and stubby and bald by the time I was through.

Of course, this being Florida, they all grew back bigger and badder and leafier than before. But this year I’ve been keeping up with the pruning (LOTS of aggression!) and now… there’s nothing left to prune.

Here are pics of the Brassfield Jungle:

This is the side yard. It is wilder now. You have to imagine it at least 3-4 feet taller and filled with both blue and orange flowers. Very leafy.

This is one end of the back yard. That bouganvillea (pink one on the left) — about a third of its width shows in this pic. It’s a lotta thorny shrub! That’s Mike working the soil a week or two before we put down new sod in that little area. It’s very green and grassy there now. It is the only grass we have in our yard.

I don’t have any new pics of the rest of the yard. There’s a patio with a semi-circular area full of tropical plants and flowers, and there’s palms, flowers etc., all along the other side and back edge. It’s a lot of vegetation. Hopefully it continues to grow fast, so I can PRUNE it again! Bwa-hahahahah…

PS — ok, I lied, I am going to vent here a little bit. I just turned around to check on the Olympics. These words dance across the screen: “Panda Baby Freaking Making.” (ok the freaking was my edit) Even the damn PANDAS can do it… Good thing I can’t reach their bamboo from here…



  1. Thanks for your visit and comment, everyday I get a little stronger. You are welcome to come prune my yard anytime, we have over an acre in South Georiga with protected wetlands in the backyard. Lots of overgrowth and even some armadillos too, due to the wetlands designation we are only allowed to do so little. We do build awesome bon-fires for toasting marshmallows and making smores, your welcome anytime.

  2. i like to rip weads from the garden, it’s so violent. Apparently according to TCM anger heals sadness, so anger is good!

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