Posted by: katedaphne | August 1, 2008

Back into the maelstrom

Well, tomorrow morning we are off to NYC, back to the big clinic. We are going to play for 2-3 days, then go spend a day with the docs, mostly to discuss DE and get that ball rolling. We are bunking with friends who have graciously offered their spare rooms/couches/floors/whatever. It’s super nice of them and it saves us a ton of money. And both friends who are putting us up (one for two nights, the other for one night) are friends I’ve met online, because of IF. I wish none of us had ever had occasion to ever hear of the others — but since we did, I am SO glad to have met them and to know them.

Unfortunately I am leaving just as the Roundup Extravaganza was posted, so I haven’t been able to read many of those astounding posts. It will be something to look forward to when I get back. And to any of you who find me because of that, welcome, grab some chocolate and stay awhile!!



  1. I hope that what starts as a maelstrom ends in peace, calm, and better days this time. It just has to.

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