Posted by: katedaphne | July 23, 2008

Join my book club!

So I got this book club invitation in the mail today, from a member of the actual, IRL book club I belong to. It is like one of those chain letter thingies, you know the kind, where you send one dollar or one recipe or one some such, and eventually get a bunch of recipes or whatever sent to you.

This one is better though, because you give and receive BOOKS! How freaking cool is that?

You are supposed to mail one paperback book you have at home and are done reading. Then you send a copy of the letter to six people, and somehow you allegedly get 36 books sent to you in the deal. I’m not good at math so I don’t quite understand how it all works. But I’m going to do it because even if I get NO books back, I will get rid of one that I have already read and that is just hanging around. If I get more, cool. If not, fine.

The problem is, the person who sent me the letter and I have all the same (IRL) friends — so I don’t want to send it to them again. That’s where YOU come in. Do you want to play?

If so, leave me a comment that you want to join and some way to contact you (like email) so we can exchange addresses. Then I’ll mail you a copy of the letter and you can get started getting books! (I won’t be sending you my book, mine goes to whoever’s name is on the chain before me.) I need to send it out to six people. (Oh, and I promise I won’t give your address to anyone else or ever use it again for anything else.)

If I get more than six names, I’ll take the first six, then let the others know how to start their own chains if they want.

I’m told it’s legal because it does not involve sending money. If it’s not — pls don’t sue me! Or report me to the Post Office Police or whoever cares about such things.

New books! Woo-hoo!!!!

I am such a bookworm, I read all the time. I read while I eat (though not when other people are with me), I even read while I brush my teeth and blow dry my hair. (I have a lot of hair, I can get a few pages read in that time!) I like mysteries, historical fiction, adventure/thrillers, and anything else if it is well-written.

Just to tease you a little, the book I will be sending to the person on my letter is Wicked, by Gregory Maguire (the one the musical is based on). I read it earlier this summer.

So come on — join my book club!!!



  1. What the hay…email me at XXXXX

  2. I am so calling the feds on you. 😉

  3. Thanks Amy! (I copies your email addy and deleted it here to keep your privacy.)

  4. my e-mail is fireflyXXXXXXXX

  5. Books are the ONLY think I collect… therefore even if I got back six times as many as I gave away, I would still feel like I’d lost something. I know it sounds crazy but I am totally and completely attached to my books. :/

  6. I love buying new books with pretty covers…and then they pile up on my nightstand and I’m lucky if I can get halfway through one of them in a season….I am SO bad at finishing a novel lately!!!

    Plus, it would cost an arm and a leg to mail to Canada! :))

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