Posted by: katedaphne | June 18, 2008

Iron Ass

No, I don’t have one. I admit, I convinced my mom to go shopping today instead of to the gym. I’m actually still sore from our workout MOnday. And since I do this for the social activity, not the pain, I thought it would be better to just give it up and go to Kohl’s instead. Memo to self: The gym would’ve been cheaper.

No, the Iron Ass is me, for ever thinking I could ever go NCLM Iron. Ain’t happening, chicas. I’m doing my best but I thought it best to face reality today. (Why, I’m not sure, I usually try to avoid that in other parts of my life…)

Have you been over to VMB yet? If not you need to hit the button to your right, there, and boogie on over there.

The Barren-ess, out.



  1. I would have chosen Kohl’s over the gym too! nclm

  2. Add me to the Iron Ass list. I didn’t even do my required regular NCLM stuff. I fell into my personal suckhole and that was the end of that!

  3. I’m totally choosing Kohl’s over the gym as well.
    The fact that you even thought about trying to go Iron is impressive to me.

  4. Whoever manages to earn the Iron Commenter title deserves it, big time, because I’m having a hard enough time just keeping up with my five-a-day! I can’t imagine commenting on 200+ blogs per week in addition to the ones I regularly comment on. Getting dizzy just thinking about it.

    BTW, this visit brought to you courtesy of NCLM. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I have to go to the gym because I am Broke Ass, Iron Ass’ insolvent sister. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I, too, have pulled a NCLM cop-out. My life has just been taking me far, far away from blogland lately. Boo hoo.

  6. I’d have voted for shopping, too ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I didn’t even pretend I could get through all those blogs on a regular basis. My goal was to comment once on each one. There are a few that I just couldn’t come up with ANYTHING to say at all.

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