Posted by: katedaphne | June 16, 2008

An Iron effort

Well, during my little I’d-call-it-a-pity-party-but-it-was-really-more-like-a-PISSY-party, I got HOPElessly behind in NaComLeavMo. Really, it will probably be impossible to catch up. But I want to try. So I am going to attempt to go Iron for a week — if I get to everyone on the NCLM list I’ll be caught up AND I’ll get to be on the Not-an-Iron-Commenter-but-still-did-the-whole-list-in-a-week list. Now, if there were a People-who-can-string-together-ridiculously-long-modifiers list, I’d make that in a heartbeat.

As for me, I guess I am doing better. Not that I am prancing around like a damn Rockette or anything. But I read Mel’s blog today, about comparing cancer and infertility. And I actually thought to myself, “Yes, I’d rather be infertile than have terminal cancer.”

I know that ought to be a no-brainer, but as I am sure some of you will understand, this time last year my answer would’ve been the reverse. So I guess, although I am no closer to bringing home a baby, that there has been progress. Of a sort.

How did I get here? Not sure, to be honest. And I’m not sure I’m here all day every day. Time passing has something to do with it. More failed treatments. Medical intervention too, I must admit. I started taking lexapro last year and it made a noticeable difference. Lunesta, also, since my stress seems to manifest as insomnia. I stopped the Lex when I cycled again last winter and have been feeling the lack ever since, so last week I went back to the doc. I am now trying something called Elavil, I switched b/c I didn’t care for the Lex side effects. And I switched to Ambien too. Ah, sleep. I love sleep!

So there we are. Next week we have our WTF about our F-ed up FET cycle. I hope I don’t blurt any obscenities but I make no promises.

Okay. Off to Comment. On Something.



  1. thanks for the comment. I appreciated it.

  2. I say blurt away in the appointment. I’m sorry you have to have any kind of ‘wtf’ appointment,


  3. Iron status, huh? You are stronger than me – good luck.
    I love to sleep too! Al likes to accuse me of loving sleep more than I love him.

    You should TOTALLY blurt obscenities. They deserve it and so much more.

  4. It’s nice to hear from you. I will be looking forward to hearing about the obscenities spoken at the WTF.

    I sure am sorry this one didn’t work out.

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