Posted by: katedaphne | June 4, 2008

If I roll my eyes any harder, they’ll stick in the back of my head and I’ll look like a zombie

Yup, heard from Annoying Out of Town Clinic today. (Yeah, most of you know their name. But I’m demoting them, they don’t get to have a name with me anymore, they are nothing to me.)

Yup, it went exactly as expected. “We did an internal review, we did everything we were supposed to at every step, all Is were dotted, all Ts were crossed, yada yada yada, sorry dude.”

I plan to get copies of this internal investigation. I would like to see the signatures at each point. And I plan to do the same here at the local clinic too.

Now I just don’t know what to do next. Our plan was, perhaps, DE here at local clinic. I had confidence in the doctor and the lab. Now, not so much confidence. I don’t really want to do a donor cycle away from home. And there’s no one here I trust. It’s a conundrum.


So at first I wanted to be an iron commenter but I quickly learned that I am hardpressed to get in my 5+1 comments each day for a total of 42 a week. 214 or whatever a week is just NOT going to happen in Kateland! So in addition to returning comments and visitng blogs of everyone I can track who comes here, I’ve just been randomly clicking on Mel’s list. And today I swear everyone I clicked on was someone who had crossed over to the other side. I’m really happy for them all, but dang! What are the odds? Nevertheless, I have found some cool blogs written by great women (and men!) so I am really enjoying NCLM. Hard to believe at this time last year I had not yet started my blog and was not part of this group. At least SOMEthing hass changed for the better!!

Small piece of good news: We’re finally reaching a settlement in a lawsuit that has been dragging on for more than two years. Right after our first IVF, in fact, I think it was the day of the beta, Mike was driving to work around midday after having driven me to the RE apppointment and then home again (I was taking the day off to eat raw cookie dough) and he got rear-ended. Totalled the car, he was not badly injured but his back and neck — as anyone who’s been in that kind of wreck can attest to — were kinda messed up. The whole legal system for things like this is just so whacked I can’t even stand it. It’s total BS from start to finish.  But happily it is drawing to a close and we are reasonably satisfied. As much as we can be, anyway.

So today Mike had to take a really shitty phone call from Annoying Out of Town Clinic, but yesterday he got a good call from the lawyer. After my bro’s car axi this week we still are not breaking even, but it is getting closer. I bought some lotto tix today, if anyone out there in KarmaLand wants to set things straight here’s a fine opportunity…..




  1. Wow – just in via NCLM and it sounds like you’ve been through the wringer…hope things pick up for your DE cycle, and I hope that your legal fiasco goes well (I’m a lawyer, but not the “bad” kind, haha, so don’t hate me).

    I can empathize with the sometimes unfortunate luck of the draw on where you click for NCLM. The other day I think the first 4 I clicked on had children – I don’t really have much to say in those circumstances. I had even less to say when I clicked on a blog to someone who was at the exact same point in their pregnancy as I was when preterm labor started. So THANK YOU for being a safe place, but I’m sorry that you are NOT on the other side. I wish you were.

  2. Well I’m livid at Out of Town Clinic all the way from the other side of some big ocean. When it comes down to it, it’s just not good enough to say ‘procedures were followed’. The embryo vanished, and that means that something MUST have gone wrong.

    See, I’m all steamed up.

    Glad you had a bit of good news,


  3. Bastardos. I’m still pissed at them. I hope it’s not the local clinic that f-ed up. I want you to be able to have total confidence in your clinic. They have robbed you of your innocence! Er, or trust or something. Jerks.

    I can’t remember what I was doing before I had my blog…

    And I love the title of this post. I want to marry it.

  4. Ugh, you’re just dealing with so much…..

    Yep, I had the same experience with NCLM. As you said, I, too, am so thrilled for them, but it can be difficult sometimes.

  5. I was going to be an iron commentor too, HA! That’s not going to happen, although I am over 150, there are too many on the list that have crossed over to the other side, and it’s depressing me.

  6. Congrats on the settlement, it’s nice to get a little piece of good news here and there, isn’t it? I hope he is feeling better, and that he doesn’t have any lasting symptoms. Yeah, I agree with you, I have enough trouble doing the five comments a day. I’m trying to keep that up 🙂

  7. I’m glad the lawsuit is resolved. Those things can drag on forever!

    I keep buying lotto tickets, too! I figure we’re seriously overdue for some good luck, right?

  8. Ugh, soft tissue damage after an accident is such a bitch to get recognized, even though it hurts way more than broken bones. I’m glad you’ve finally gotten that resolved; nothing worse than an endless court case…

    Since when has an internal review revealed a genuine SNAFU? I’m glad they’re sending the report to you.

  9. Come to Spokane for your DE cycle! Yeah, I say that to everyone, but it is beautiful here in the summer and my clinic is top-notch – and small so you get that special treatment. Well, not really, it can be kind of cold – depending on your nurse, but still good odds.

    Of course, there is the other issue of summer not quite being here yet. sigh.

    Sorry about the crappy clinic. It still makes me sick just thinking about what happened and it didn’t even happen to me.

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