Posted by: katedaphne | June 2, 2008

When it rains…

You would think there would be a finite amount of crap allowed to be in one person’s life. Once you reach the limit, ok, no more crap for a while, you wait for the crap level to go down a bit before adding more crap. But no, that’s not how it works.

My brother and SIL were in a car accident this afternoon. They are ok, but SIL was taken in an ambulance, never a good thing, and released from hospital a few hours later after tests, x-rays, etc. Both are fine but poor SIL is going to be very sore for a while. Could you send her a prayer if you have one to spare? Or if, like me, you’re not so much the praying type, send her a few good thoughts or positive vibes?

As for us, we are still chugging along. Mike has been in touch with Cornell and they are looking into the — what to call it? the mess? the incident? the disaster? We need to schedule a WTF with the local doctor but I am reluctant to do that until we know what we want to do next. Right now we are pretty stymied. We honestly never expected our FET to work. But we didn’t expect to go the way it did, so we are more wiped out than we anticipated.

Last night Mike was channel surfing after dinner and landed in the middle of a Shrek movie. He asked if it was ok to leave it there. I nodded, then looked up. The scene was a freaking BABY SHOWER FOR A PREGNANT OGRE!!! Are you KIDDING me? There is no escape.



  1. Awww kate. I watched that one before we were blessed with Evan’s pg. I remember having that exact same thought. Enough already…even Ogres get pg?? Sent a prayer for your brother and SIL. It’s definitely time for “no more crap” for you sweetie.

  2. When I clicked over, the first thing my brain registered was “pregnant ogre.”
    I did not think of Shrek. I’m just sayin’

    I will totally send good vibes towards your brother and SIL. Though, as I mentioned to a friend the other day, I don’t think G*d is really digging on me right now.

  3. So glad they are OK!

    And, oh yeah, we are right there with you in the “how much friggin’ crap are we supposed to put up with?…..

  4. Thinking of you and yours; hoping that everything will work out for the good.

  5. I’m glad your brother and SIL weren’t seriously injured. I’ll be sending good thoughts their way.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your brother and SIL–goodness! You all deserve a big-ole-cap on bad stuff.
    I still havent watched that Shrek movie–for that reason. Sad…

  7. I am so sorry. You so deserve a break right now. I hope your SIL is feeling better soon. It must have been so scary.

  8. I used to love cartoons, and now they remind me of kids, so now their out.
    Hope your SIL is feeling better.

  9. Someone told me that bad things come in the 3s. And I was like ok, and then started counting (miscarraige, D&C, septic backed up into my house, broke the snowblower in the middle of a big snow storm, roof was leaking in a newly refinished room, and my grandmother died). Um. I guess it doesn’t hold true for everyone. And that was in a 2 week period.

    You’ll make it though – and all of us are here to cheer you on.

  10. Sending prayers and vibes and thoughts! Oh no an ogre baby shower. Will the madness ever end? I really feel like the crap piles up so high sometimes that my hip-waiters are useless! NCLM

  11. Sometimes the crap train just keeps on rollin’ by. But the rule of 3s does often apply: earlier this year, we lost our close friend, our dear cat, and then our car nearly kicked the bucket. After that, the disasters ceased (for the time being).

    I hope you get a good answer from Cornell about their big ol’ gaping SNAFU.

    Stupid Shrek!

  12. Here from NCLM.

    Even Disney gets you . . .

    Saw Tarzan (yeah, should have known better) and bawled through the opening where the mama gorilla loses her little baby gorilla to the Phil Collins soundtrack – then sniffled through the rest of the movie.

    So glad your bro and sil are okay for the most part.

  13. I’ve just posted the answers to “Truths and Lies.” Please stop by and see if you guessed correctly! 🙂

  14. When it rains it does pour….but eventually the sun has to shine….or maybe the rain just turns to snow? Who knows….heres to brighter days!

  15. Oh, man, that’s a lot to be dealing with all at once. I sincerely hope things turn around soon for you. At the very least I hope you get some baby/pregnancy/fertility/adoption free television watching time!

  16. Many thoughts for you, Mike, Bro and SIL (hugs)

  17. I am glad that the in-laws are okay. I will send prayers their way. And lots of good thoughts.

  18. That is so scary about your brother and SIL–sending good thoughts.

  19. Wow. Can it get any suckier?

    btw- I felt the same way about Shrek 3. I refused to even watch the ads for it. I can’t get pg with one human baby, and she can get pg with ogre triplets?? yeah, i dont think so…

    Glad your fam is ok.

  20. ^^ by the way- that was me who wrote that post above! I forgot that I was signed in using a friend’s name!

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