Posted by: katedaphne | May 12, 2008

Embies, come home to mama

So my FET was postponed a day and will be tomorrow (Tuesday) instead. I have five totsicles in the freezer. The plan is to thaw them in groups and in the bast-case scenario, we’ll have three good ones to transfer. If more thaw but are poor quality we may tx more, we’ll have to see. Honestly though, I’ll be amazed if any make it. I’m so nervous! I really want a transfer!!!!! I guess I’ll have the valium either way…

Started using the crinone gel last week. I really ought not to complain, because it is way easier on the body than the PIO. Those pretty much left me crippled. But the crinone is yucky. It’s like a reverse tampon. Sorry, TMI I know. This whole IVF process has been one indignity after another, for years. I’m amazed that there’s even a new way to indignify me (is that a word?) — but here it is…

I’ve also been on estrace for freaking ever. It’s doing a number on my complexion. I know some women gain a lot of weight on fertility drugs. I’ve gained little to none, and am grateful — but I get the WORST acne from them. There are many days I would cheerfully trade 17,461 whiteheads for someone else’s 10 pounds or so. (That would still leave me about 5,000 whiteheads of my own, so I think it’d be a fair trade…) Of course, with my luck all the weight would go to my ankles or something and I would still have an A-cup bra.

At least I will have some distraction during the 2ww. We re going to Boston this weekend for a family reunion — I have a bazillion Greek relatives on my dad’s side and they are having a first-ever family reunion that does not involve a wedding or a funeral Saturday. Also, our tenth — TENTH!!! — anniversary is Friday, so we are going to have a few days in Boston to celebrate, then the reunion, then we’ll drive down to the Cape to see another aunt and some cousins who live in Hyannis. Should be a good time. God knows we can both use the break, between FET stress and work stress we are more than ready.

The beta will be two days after we return.

I am NOT packing any pee sticks for this trip. But I don’t promise not to buy some at the drugstore up there if I need some.

The transfer is sceduled for 10 a.m. I’ll try to post an update in the afternoon. I’ll probably be sleeping off the valium for several hours. (I’ll never understand how that drug could be “Mother’s Little Helper” — it is more like “Mother’s Little Coma Inducer, for me!)



  1. Good luck with the thaw and transfer, let alone the dreaded tww,


  2. Lots of luck to you!!! I can’t wait for the update.


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