Posted by: katedaphne | April 27, 2008

May 12

Update: Are you here from LFCA? Thanks for coming, and welcome!! The part you’re probably looking for is about five graphs down.

Not much is happening around here. I am trying not to be too moody and not to dwell on things. Getting a good night’s sleep is still a (losing) battle.

I did an unchracteristic thing last weekend. Usually I hate buying clothes because I keep thinking, hoping, that I’ll be pg soon (i know, ha) and so I don’t want to waste money on “skinny” clothes that I hope I’ll never fit into again, starting asap. So my wardrobe has been pretty crappy for, well, a couple of years now. And here I am in the middle of a FET cycle — and I went shopping and bought two pairs of size 0 pants. No way will those fit a pg or post-pg body — but, I am not feeling very hopeful at all, and I was getting sick of my clothes. So two pairs of nice summery capris (and two matching shirts) later, here I am.

The frozen embryo transfer is set for May 12. I have an u/s Tuesday morning to check my lining. I have been sort of bad about taking my estrace. I am supposed to take it three times a day but damn! I can’t even remember to EAT three times a day, how can I remember to take a pill three times a day? I generally get two in and sometimes all three. I know it is working though because the CM is abundant and egg-whitey. And since I’ll be on the estrace for an extra long time, to get me over the gap while the lab is closed, I’m not too worried. (and why should i worry? it is not going to work anyway…)

Still going to the gym several times a week with my mom. Though with this FET cycle on I am not allowed to do any cardio and am only allowed to lift 20 pounds. It is kind of a waste. But I go to keep my mom company. We enjoy hanging out. And frankly, if is cheaper than doing almost anything else we’d be doing if we had this many outings — we’d be shopping or eating out or something probably. So it is all good. And I’ve found that if I do like 100 reps on the inner thigh machines I can feel it a little, even with only 20 pounds. So I do that.

Had an interesting experience the other day at work. A reporter I work with in the features department, a pretty famous one around here (he has a Pulitzer and has written a book), interviewed me about my experience with IVF. He is working on a story for a series we have examining science and religion and he’s interested in the moment life is created thru ART, and in the doctor who makes it happen, and the patients who experience it. He can’t use me in the story, of course, but he wanted to talk to me to get background knowledge. I have talked a lot, pretty freely, about my experience but it is different with a skilled interviewer. Also, I don’t know him that well and some of what he wanted to know was pretty intimate. But he was super nice about it and let me know I didn’t have to answer any question I didn’t want to. And he was so interested and so caring, it was very easy to tell him a lot. It was strange because he is looking at it from an outsider’s perspective, and he’s looking at the “macro” side, the big picture. And I am a patient and am very much the “micro” end of it. Of course I have thought about the big picture, the “god” and “science” aspects of IF, etc. etc. But this conversation was different and interesting. And while it was difficult at times, I enjoyed it.

By the way, this reporter will be wanting to talk to some IVF patients for his story, preferably (but not exclusively) from the Tampa Bay area or anywhere in Florida. If you think you might be willing to talk with him, let me know and I will hook you up. It isn’t a news story or a fact piece about IVF, it’s more about people (patients, docs, scientists) struggling thru and experiencing the “science and religion” aspect of ART. I can personally vouch for the sensitivity, caringness and skill of this writer, and whether anyone who blogs is in it or not, I can’t wait to read his story.



  1. I would like to read the story too. Let us know when it is out. I am nowhere near Tampa, but I could offer a view from someone who does not believe in a god.

    Good luck on the FET – your might just get lucky. Stranger things have happened.

    “size 0” ? OMG! 😉

    I have bought some shorts for post pregnancy – figuring I won’t find them as easily when it is actually summer. I was cautiously optimistic and bought a size up from my normal size . . .10’s if you must know.

  2. Wishing you lots of luck on May 12th=)
    I dont live near Tampa, but like Kami-Id like to read the article once its published.

  3. I’d love to read the article to. The moment life is created was a big deal for my husnabnd and I in making our IVF decisions and that was heavily influenced by our personal religious convictions, so if he needs to talk to someone coming from that perspective, I’m open to that. Although not in Florida, sadly.

  4. Ditto Emily. We did IVF in a specific way based on religious beliefs about the beginning of life, but we don’t live in FL. But if the reporter needs interviewees, we’d be willing to share our experience.

  5. Hi! I found you on Lost & Found. I live in south florida and wld totally be up for speaking w/ the interviewer. Let me know if he still needs ppl. I’m here and want to participate.

    Yay for skinny clothes! I know what you mean abt not wanting skinny clothes b/c of a (hopeful) pending baby bump. But, you got them and rock them out! Best of luck w/ your transfer next month.


  6. I found you through Lost and Found too.

    I live in FL (kind of between Orlando and Daytona and not in Tampa though) and would be happy to speak with the reporter as long as no identifying info. has to be put in the article.

  7. You know, nobody likes a size 0. 😉

  8. Ha, Freya, I know! But I have given up hiding who I am or apologizing for it! I thought about whether to include that detail, but I decided to because it just emphasizes the dilemma — buying clothes that size is so totally ridiculous!!! But, that’s what I did.

    Thank you Kami, Emily, Andrea Jennine, Susi and Staci! I will let the reporter know you are available.

  9. Sounds interesting.. i live in central Fl and would be willing to share my experiences… let me know 🙂

  10. forgot….to add link 😦

  11. Just found your blog through a mutual friend… and wanted to wish you the best for your upcoming FET. (((hugs)))

  12. I hope you know that if I was a size 0, I’d d@mn sure put it on my blog too. If you got it, flaunt it! 😀

  13. Wishing you tons of luck with the FET. Let us know how it went! I have enough faith for you even though you are convinced it won’t work. Oh, and did they have a size 0 gown for you?LOL

  14. TODAY is the 12th!! I hope things are going splendidly!!!

  15. Kate, I just read this post and I am proud of you for buying those size 0 pants….you will be able to wear those AFTER your pg I promise…….I can envision you nursing your baby or babies so much that you are back down to zero quicker then you think!!! Rest up today and I can’t wait to see how the embies did during the thaw!!

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