Posted by: katedaphne | April 13, 2008

Achievements of the day

1. Slept in

2. Read a few chapters of next book for book club (Reading Lolita in Tehran, which I recommend)

3. Purchased a new cabinet for kitchen, one of those portable jobs, wooden, from Target.

4. Ate yummy treat from Cold Stone Creamery. Are y’all familiar with this place of wonder? You choose an ice cream flavor, they scoop it up and, on a slab of cold marble, mix it together with whatever toppings you choose to create a yummy one-of-a-kind heaven. Today I had Cake Batter Ice Cream, with brownies and Oreos as my mix-ins.

5. Worked out at gym with mom, though probably not enough to even out that Cake Batter yumminess….

6. Put together said cabinet, almost all by myself and with only one major oops (put the door hinges on all backward, had to unscrew and do over).

7. PUT STUFF in cabinet that had been living on kitchen floor because it had no home, namely soda bottles and water bottles, a 9-pack of Mott’s apple juice juice boxes.

8. Got period.  Yep, it is finally here. I’ll count tomorrow as CD1 and start the estrace Tuesday. All this drama, for a handful of blasts that probably aren’t going to do anything anyway. Sigh. Still, I am glad to be moving forward again.



  1. I like sleeping in. I like reading too. Ice cream ain’t so bad but I prefer a nice hunk of cheese. Bacon is good too though. 🙂

  2. As always, I feel a little odd congratulating someone on their menses, but well done, my dear 🙂


  3. Sounds like you had a productive day. My hubby loves Cold Stone Creamery. I think its ok.. I guess I don’t like my icecream all musehy and I like simple flavours. Glad to hear you are moving forward. Wishing you luck with your FET.

  4. Come on FET!!!

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