Posted by: katedaphne | April 8, 2008


OK, I got my first really weird, random Googlism yesterday. How on earth did someone googling “me and my hot wife photo” land in my blog? And what did this person think when he got here?

Looking into getting some crinone to jumpstart AF here. We are about to run up against the lab closure, which would delay our FET until who knows when. Good grief.

UPDATE (and TMI alert): “The rent,” as we call it around here, may be on its way after all, unequivocally red spotting this afternoon. I think I’m calling tomorrow CD1 no matter what!!!

Woooo-hooo Jayhawks!!!
I am not from Kansas, but Mike is. Last night was very joyous in our home. It was nice to see Kansas beat the team that beat MY team (Michigan State). I love March Madness!!

Went to the gym yesterday. We have gone every over day since we started. Wooo!

I am thinking about being a foster mom to a puppy or dog. 120 animals were taken from a home here. Read story here. A woman I work with is an experienced dog foster mom and her enthusiasm is contagious. Don’t tell my husband, but I think I am bringing home a dog tonight.

UPDATE: OK, no dog tonight. There are papers to fill out, etc. But made some calls. Perhaps in a couple of days. Still haven’t mentioned this to the other biped in the home…



  1. The last paragraph made me smile. Did you bring home a dog?

    Hope AF arrives soon.

    Wow! You are becoming a work-out stud! How is your mom enjoying it?

  2. Wow, such exciting news. Did you end up with a dog?

    Michigan State is my team too, but I’m happy for Kansas.

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