Posted by: katedaphne | April 3, 2008

About that gym membership

Yes! Of course we went!! {indignantly} Mom and I went after work. We did the circuit of machines working all the usual parts and then checked out the Big Girl machines and tried out the Glute Monster. Because though I’m skinny and don’t weigh much (I struggle to keep my weight in three digits while cycling, don’t hate me though, I do not recommend the stress and depression diet to anyone), my thighs and ass are just not what they used to be. I look young, but I am OLD in egg years, and I am OLD in thigh years too, it seems. It’s sad. So we did the machines and then a little while on the treadmills. I don’t see myself ever doing much more than 15-20 minutes on there though, what a bore. TVs, iPods, radios, whatever. You are still walking in place. If I am going to walk distances measured in miles, it will be in shopping malls or perhaps Disney World. Feel good tonight. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow though, I am expecting pain. Wonder if this will help me sleep better?

Oh, the membership — we were offered a discount on a year membership that is more expensive but has more privileges, one of which is that you can bring a friend for free every time you come. Mom and I discussed splitting the cost of that, since we don’t intend to go alone much, if at all. I actually considered it briefly, then told her I couldn’t commit to a year’s worth of exercise. Why?? Because I might be pregnant, that’s why. {stifling urge to type, “when pigs fly”} Because one ought to have hope. I feel pretty hopeless a lot of the time. But when push comes to shove, I keep proving by my actions that I do in fact have some. It surprises me every time. In a nice way.

Speaking of nice. We got our taxes done today. It was alarming to see that we were able to deduct nearly a third of our gross income for medical expenses. (Pre-tax flex accounts are for wussies!) But the chunk of change we are getting back will be nice. Not enough to pay for another cycle, but it darn sure helps.

Tax Guy told us not to be surprised if we get audited, since we are claiming such a large deduction for the second straight year. Though he also said, people who lie about the med deduction usually claim $4000-5000, not the ridiculous amount we did. I would like to see the IRS dude’s eyes when I put the receipts in front of him! That’ll learn ya to mess with an IVF vet!!!



  1. Well, yay for getting money back, even if you had to spend a huge chunk to begin with. And I am also old in thigh years despite being young. Ug so sad. I tried to go running with friends last night and ended up getting completely left behind.

  2. I surprise myself as well. After five years of IF and so many failed IVF’s, I’ve felt hopeless for so long. And yet for my sisters wedding I got a bigger size dress (just in case I’m pregnant this year). So there must be some hope in me still.

    I feel the same way about my taxes and my refunds. Its amazing how much I have spent.

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