Posted by: katedaphne | April 2, 2008

In which, Kate comes back from the dead; and hell freezes over

Sorry I’ve been MIA, it seems there’s not so much to write about when you are just waiting for AF so you can cycle. I suppose I could think of something, but really, I am just so *tired* all the time. I get up, work, eat, and then try to sleep. Try being the operative word. (So tired I just typed “opposite word,” sheesh.) I have been trying to avoid taking the sleeping pills (and I dropped the AD in November) — but I still feel like the last two years of cycling, and the chem in December,  have really kicked my tail. So I am lying low. When off work I go to the beach if I have the eneergy, or sit on the porch in the sun and do sudoku puzzles. Doing my part to stave off Alzheimer’s, anyway.

 We are supposed to be gearing up for the FET this month, but two things have cropped up that are troubling. First, we had decided not to transport the Cornell blast down here b/c I was too tired and stress to manage the logistics of it. We were just going to use (this time) the four blasts we have locally, from our third IVF. But the RE called me yesterday and said he doesn’t want to do the cycle without the Cornell blast, his experience with the embies from here is that they are not good. I know my embies here are crap (bless their hearts) but it still sucks to hear that. I am not up for dealing with Cornell so Mike said he would take over and manage that end. I don’t mind them being put in me, I just don’t want to have to fool with getting them here.

But — all of this is moot if my freaking period doesn’t show up within 5 days. If it’s not here by April 7 we have to delay b/c the lab will be closing for a bit. If it is not here by then that will mean my cycle is 38 or more days long, which for me is absolutely unheard of. It should’ve been here already, but it is showing no signs of coming at all. None.

I think the estrace I took for two weeks at the beginning of the month screwed up this cycle. Took it as a “mock FET” just to warm up before doing the real thing. All was well when they checked on April  13 and I stopped taking it that day. And thence began (is thence a word?) about 10 days of heavy heavy spotting. Not quite enough to qualify as an AF but a freaking lot. And now — now when I need it — nothing. Anyone out there have any experience with estrace? Is this normal, what can I expect? (sorry, Joe, I know this whole graph is TMI but you knew that when you signed up to be my friend…)

– – –

Ok, and here’s the hell freezes over part: I joined a gym. On purpose and in my right mind. Those who know me IRL know how amazing that is, I HATE to exercise, and I especially hate it when anyone is watching. I’m not ashamed of myself or my body, I’m just, well (and I know this sounds ridiculous if you count up the number of people who have seen my lady bits) private. Exercise should be done in private by consenting adults only.

But my mom wanted to join and wouldn’t do it without me, and is feeling bored and stifled at home now that my dad is retired and not doing much and not being very entertaining. So I said I’d “do stuff” with her. So, my mom is bored so *I* am joining a gym. Eesh. Even Mike doesn’t require me to prove my love this way.



  1. I have no wisdom on the estrace. However, your thoughts on the gym sure did make me giggle!

  2. 🙂 Your mom should make your father get a job – my mom always told my dad that when he retired she would probably divorce him if he was around all the time, so he needed to find something to get him out of her house.
    I like your thought on gyms and agree wholeheartedly. I have no assvice about the rest of the stuff, just a good luck.

  3. Io, you’re so right. But my mom did the opposite — she got a part-time job for herself to get her out of the house. I guess it isn’t enough though. Retirement is weird.

  4. Good for you on joining a gym. I can’t wait to hear how it goes .. .you will go, right?

    I hope things work out to xfer those Cornell embryos soon.

  5. The estrace may very well have messed with things- the estrogen may suppress follicular delevopment for a while as your brain would lower FSH in response (because the brain is used to seeing higher estrogen as a developing lead follicle and naturally lowers FSH in response to this).

    The spotting is probably the result of the withdrawl of the estrogen you were taking.

    Anyway, hope AF shows up soon, and congrats on joining a gym,


  6. That’s nice you are joining a gym with your mom and doing things with her to keep her occupied. I’ve always had super super regular cycle but every time after a cycle, my Af is always messed up. I once didn’t get it for 41 days and I thought something was really wrong. SO its probably the estrace. I hope it comes soon.

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