Posted by: katedaphne | March 10, 2008

Whaddaya think it means, doc?

Had a disturbing dream last night. I dreamed I was the p-word. I have never dreamed that, btw. I know many of you out there have dreamed you were pg (or Joey, maybe you dreamed your wife was! ha!) and I have a few friends IRL who’ve dreamed I was p-word. But I haven’t had that particular torture before.

So in this dream, I was pg with twins — of course! Were they b/g? I dunno — but something was wrong. I knew it, and I kept saying so, but people kept shushing me and telling me it would all be fine. At last I got to meet in person with the doc, and he found something seriously wrong. I was so happy he listened to me and believed me. I gave him this huge hug. He was going to treat me and make it all better. Whatever it was. I woke up before I found out what was wrong or how it ended.

At first I was kind of upset by the dream. But then I realized — the doc who believed me was my new RE, the one we are doing the FET with. I trust this one a lot and feel very confident he’ll take great care of me and of our embies. So I decided the dream wasn’t an omen of bad things to come, it was an expression of trust in Dr. P and in hope for the FET.

Do y’all think I’m whacked?



  1. I don’t think you’re whacked. (So far as I know anyways.) Hopefully you’re right, and Dr. P is going to do everything perfectly. I mean, if you’re going to take a dream and see it as an omen you might as well see it as a good one.

  2. Dreams can come true! Hang tight and ride this one out. I feel very positive things coming your way very soon.

  3. No I don’t. I think you’re on the money – you trust this doc. That’s a good thing.

    BTW – if dreams make us crazy then I’ve got a serious issue b/c I dreamed of humping Drew Carey this weekend! Nope, unfortunately I’m not kidding. :p

  4. You’re absolutely right. Your mind was running a test scenario and your true feelings about new RE passed with flying colors.

    I’m glad you’re with someone who inspires such confidence.

  5. I definitely don’t think you’re whacked. As one who has had a few good dreams come to pass, I say run with the feeling you have and be comfortable feeling comfortable with your new doc.

  6. No you’re not whack. I dreamnt I was pregnant with twin girls once before a cycle.

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