Posted by: katedaphne | December 21, 2007


Good grief, this waiting and hanging in limbo is AGONY.

I love my doc at Cornell, but he really must be high to think a girl can wait a week — over Christmas, still doing PIOs — to know if a beta of 17 has a snowball’s chance in h.ell of being viable.

Normally I know, any number is a good number. It’s more important that it doubles on time, etc. etc. But boy is it different when it’s you. The thing that has me so nervous is that since I was getting BFPs at home at 11dpo and a positive digi at 13dpo, a 14dpo beta of 17 would seem to be going down, not up.

But there are a few scenarios where that could happen and things can still be ok, so I am trying to hang on to hope.

And since my daddy taught me, “Trust, but verify,” I got my local doc to fax a scrip to the local Quest so I can get one more test today, before everything closes up shop for the holiday. Since it’s only one day later, not two, I don’t expect it to double. But if it is just a bit higher, I’ll be able to rest easier. And if it’s lower, or negative, well, it is better to know that too.

The call won’t come until very late in the afternoon, but I’ll post here when it comes. See you then.


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