Posted by: katedaphne | December 20, 2007

Scared today

Beta day today. Didn’t sleep at all last night.

No matter what happens, I will always be glad to have gotten this far. It tells us something — IVF can work for us! — and gives us hope. It is so much more than we have ever seen before!!!

But — I don’t want it to go away!!!! I have tasted the apple and I want to keep it. I’m so scared the universe is going to whip the rug out from under us this afternoon. I want it to work. I want to have a healthy baby. I want my husband and me to change from being a not-so-hip childless couple to being A Family.

“Dear Universe,

I know this kind of thing is never about what people deserve. It’s just about what you get. But I also believe in karma — if you do good and think good and act good, good things will come back to you, just as if you do crappy things, crappy things will come back to you.

Hubby and I have done our best to send nothing but positive vibes into the universe for many years. If you’re wondering whether or not we’re ready, I just want to assure you — we are.

We’re ready.

Please come through today.


Kate and Mike”



  1. I have got my fingers crossed for you. Just because you believe in karma doesn’t mean it is real. If things don’t go as you hope, it is NOT your fault.

    I hope you will be getting good news soon!

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