Posted by: katedaphne | December 17, 2007


… and after yesterday’s complete meltdown I had no intention of testing today. Good call — I had a decent day, pretty good attitude, more hope than fear. I decided tomorrow might be a good time to try again, so on the way home from work tonight I stopped at Target for a few Christmas items I needed and a couple packs of hpt’s. Got home and was still in a pretty good mood so I thought, “Ah, what the h.ell, I’ll give it a try.”

And — there’s a line there. It’s reeeeaaalllllllyyyy faint, on the FRER, but it is there. Debated whether to tell Mike or to wait until tomorrow and try again and show him something more definitive. Decided he could stand to enjoy the possibility of hope tonight as much as I could, so I showed him. He can see the line too.

This is further than I have ever gotten before. I’m well aware this is a looong way from having a take-home baby, but each step has to be taken in its time. Today, a faint line. Tomorrow, hopefully, a slightly darker one, Thursday a beta. Won’t think any further ahead than that.

I saw a line, that is good enough for today, and it’s a reason to get up out of bed tomorrow.



  1. Yipee!!! This is a really good sign to have a positive so early without FMU. When is your beta again? I hope Thursday! I am so excited for you, Kate!

  2. omg omg!! This is your first ever second line! How wonderful! AND it’s early, AND it wasn’t FMU. I’d bet my house that tomorrow’s will be darker. You better post. Can you do pics? 🙂

  3. (ps- did you have any frozens from this last cycle?)

  4. *tears* of hopeful JOY!!!

  5. Such fantastic news!

    I totally hear you on the not euqals take home infant bit, but it is a step and a wonderful one,



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