Posted by: katedaphne | December 5, 2007

Are these people out of their minds??

OK, so this time I did not win the trigger-time lottery. I am to trigger tonight at 1:20 a.m. (!) and then be at Cornell in the conference room at 6:30 a.m. I’m really glad I have nowhere to be tomorrow. I feel bad for those couples who are actually planning ongoing to work after that. Ugh.

In negotiations with Spandie on how many to transfer. Every time before we have done three. Now we want to do more. How many? Oh, dunno, 4, maybe 6, maybe all….. Spandie says he thinks 4 is a good number. Isn’t that cute of him.

 Went to the Met today for a little while. Too cold to be outdoors, perfect day for a museum. We stuck to the old masters and the  Impressionists. Every time I go I find a new “favorite painter.” Wish I had the money to be a collector. Alternated between sheer admiration and close-up study of the brushwork, especially in water and sky. I’ll never be a master at anything except maybe failing IVFs, but I love to paint and would love to be better at it. The museum is inspiring.

Off to dinner with my chicas. Fun to meet online friends face-to-face.



  1. Go Kate Go!!! I love that you are having a splendid time in the city! And that you have today OFF!! I hope everything goes wonderfully tomorrow 🙂

  2. 1.20 am?

    I’d stay up late, terrified that I’d sleep through the alarm for the trigger and go to retrieval bleary eyed with fatigue.

    Good luck,



  3. J — That’s exactly what I did. Set two alarms, but was too keyed up to sleep so stayed up and read until trigger. Then got a little sleep before going in for the last b/w and u/s. ER tomorrow morning, pls let there be some good eggs in there!!!

  4. How was your ER? Sorry I missed the whole run-up. Sounds like you had a good # of follicles going. Hoping everything went well today.

    Good luck!

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