Posted by: katedaphne | November 22, 2007

Phoenix rising

This morning, I admit, I woke up still rather pissy. Sometimes it is hard not to, when you know darn well all the same problems are still on your plate.

But somewhere between my morning cup of English Breakfast and arriving at work, I just decided to not go there anymore. I turned the car off Negativity Avenue and steered up I’m Going To DisneyWorld Drive.

Problems still here but attitude better. And I AM going to Disney tomorrow, to see my closest non-spouse friend in the world and his family. I’m looking forward to this day. Even if “the rent” shows up on Space Mountain. In fact, as that would put CD2 on a non-holiday weekday, it would actually be perfect!

Think it will help if I wear white pants and a thong? 🙂



  1. That always helps I find…..


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