Posted by: katedaphne | November 21, 2007

About that Egger suit

Yeah, I’m still wearing my Kate suit. Today was Two Steps Forward Three Steps Back Day. Spent the day working on stupid work project that I offered to do that got way out of hand. Memo to mouth: Never offer to do extra work A-Gain. No matter how easy or fun it seems.

Meanwhile, juggled emails back and forth between both IVF clinics. Decided to screw the nurses and coordinators and go to docs direct. Local doc seems to think they can arrange everything, with the goal for me being “one stop and one stick.” I like how he thinks and am quite relieved. This clinic really values patient care and communication. I wish they all were like this.

Talked to pet sitter, got Zoo taken care of during Disney trip.

Did my regular work.

Have a weird rash on my arm. It itches/burns. I think it is from the Brazilian perpper tree hubby and I removed from back yard this past weekend. Pretty berries, but poisonous. Arm painful and yucky. How convenient.

On finishing special extra project, bosses eviscerate and want it done over. Due tomorrow, and I find out as I am leaving for the night that “due tomorrow” means ASAP b/c another department is arbitrarily moving up THEIR deadlines (I suspect so they don’t have to work Friday) so now OURS have to move up (WE still have to work Friday. Now we just have to work extra hard Wednesday so they can have Friday off? Speculation, I admit…). They didn’t consider how that affects us, but it does. Now I have to do extra job and own job at double speed. Amazing I got out of there without taking anyone’s head with me.

Can’t believe I am like this and about to START the clomid.

Must sleep so I can get up and deal with all this tomorrow.

All this and Jennie Garth kicked off Dancing With the Stars. At least since I’m not cycling I can still drink!!!!!



  1. Just keep swimming! 😉

  2. Awww! You remember my little blinky from “that” bulletin board!

    I am doggie paddling away . . . . .

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