Posted by: katedaphne | November 20, 2007

Same boat?

So as I am new to the blogosphere, I am still finding all of y’all’s great blogs out there. The Stirrup Queen’s blogroll is impressively exhaustive — but also exhausting!!! So many to check out!! I think mine was the 1,000th linked to her list!

Right now, I am most interested in regularly reading other blogs by folks who are like me in that they are 1) still childless, and 2) still trying.

If any of y’all write one or read one like that, will you shoot me the link? Of course I check in on and follow a few who are in different stages than me. Just looking for a few comrades, if ya kwim. Thanks!!!



  1. I don’t know if I entirely match your criteria, but my rundown is:

    *PCOS with oligo/anovulation
    *severe male factor
    *prone to making babies with lethal anomalies
    *prone to having to make sucky decisions in the second tri about what to do about the point above
    *trundling through IVF, with some rather irritating disasters along the way.


  2. Thanks geohde. You definitely meet my criteria (sadly. i wish no one did).

    Any other recommendations out there? Uplifting is good, bitter even better….

  3. Aaah, that little blogroll. I remember back when she was first born and there were only thirty blogs or so… They grow so quickly.

    It absolutely sucks that I’ve found 1000+ blogs. I love having people find each other and have the community, but I wish all of our blogs could be about something else.

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