Posted by: katedaphne | November 20, 2007


Remember the movie Men in Black? Love it, love Tommy Lee Jones no matter what he’s in, and Will Smith is funny as all he!!. Remember the unfortunate exterminator Edgar who got eaten/possessed by the cockrock alien, who then walked around in his skin and his wife said it looked like him but it wasn’t him, it was someone “in a Egger suit”?

That’s me these days. I look like me but it feels like an alien walking arounfd in a Kate suit. Getting ready for IVF #5 has me so stressed out I can’t believe it. When I finally get to NYC, it will actually be a relief, I think. But right now there is just way to much to think about and way to much to do.

(At this point you may want to sit down with a plate of good cheeses and a loaf of bread, what follows is a darn good whine.)

Work is crazy busy. In the last week or two a lot of peeps have been on vacation, so we’ve barely been keeping up, and getting ahead hasn’t been an option. Now this week, everyone’s here but all the work has to be done early for the holiday so we are actually behind. I suppose everyone in the world is this week but that knowledge doesn’t really help me.

Plus, I stupidly added to my own workload by suggesting a small project I could do that would be fun, wouldn’t really be in my job description but would be something I could do on my own time or at least without compromising my regular work duties — and the bosses-that-be have decided they want it, except bigger, more, with all kinds of extras — and they want it NOW!!! I don’t mind the extra workload but am petrified I can’t come through and many people are counting on me. Plus, this came the same morning as a staff meeting in which we all agreed our recent work had been adequate but that we really could and should do better. I don’t want to be the next one whose work is held up and called merely “adequate”!! (Note: this was done nicely, politely, professional, etc., no one’s feelings were hurt, etc etc. But still — I don’t want to be the one to let down the team.) So — stress.

Meanwhile, one of my dearest friends in all the world in coming to my neck of the woods this week for a family vacation. The only possible day we can meet up — because I have used all my vacation days on IVF — is Thanksgiving Day, which is also my dad’s birthday. So hubby and I are driving to Orlando Wednesday night after work and staying over so we can meet my friend Thursday for breakfast and a little time in whatever Disney park his two young kids want to go to. We are really excited to see my friend but it is tough timing and going to be a long day — playing with little kids. This is the only friend I would put up that for. Family is being nice about missing the holiday with them, but I feel bad missing Dad’s birthday. And must remember to call the pet sitter back to take care of the menagerie while we are gone.

Oh, and by the way, Cycle Day 1 is “projected” to be, yes, Thanksgiving. And IVF starts with bloodwork and ultrasound on morning of CD2 and then clomid in the evening. Am helplessly waiting for “the rent,” which is the euphmism in our house for “cycle day 1.” It could really be any day this week. If it decides to be Wednesday, our Disney trip will be screwed up. If it’s Thursday, I have to call the clinic from Disney to tell them.

AND — drum roll please — here’s where the stressed-out part begins. (the rest was just the prologue) I am cycling at Cornell, in New York City. When I did that before I arranged to be up there a long time, from well before CD1 to a few days after transfer. This time I am doing the first week of monitoring locally. At least, I thought I was. Friday the local clinic called and said they got the scrips from Cornell, and the u/s will be no prob, but of the three blood tests, they don’t do two of them. They can do the E2 but their lab doesn’t do LH or FSH!!!! They thought Cornell wouldn’t care, but once I got ahold of Cornell (called nurse, out of office until monday, called nurse hotline, got callback 4 hours later) — turns out Cornell not only cares, I can’t start the cycle without the FSH test. EEEK. I was in a total panic and am still more or less in it.

After talking to various coordinators we decided the LH and FSH could be done at Quest or Labcorp, but they aren’t calling me back to confirm they can do this. I found one of each open on Saturday, but none open on Sunday or holiday, so I am praying CD2 doesn’t fall on one of those two days. Which it may well do. Am now wondering if a local hospital can do that bloodwork and if so, how do I find out and arrange? Think I’ll email local doc and see what he suggests.

The lcoal monitoring is saving us a ton of money because it is a week we don’t have to pay to be in New York (and miss work). I thought it would make things a lot easier too. But in reality, not so much. So my head is aspin and I’m not even on any hormones yet. And the first one is CLOMID!!!!

I’m doomed.



  1. Chin up, little trooper! You will find a way to get this to work. Just focus on one thing at a time. I realize IVF + anything is stressful and you can still only do what you can do.

    Gosh, I hope this works for you.

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