Posted by: katedaphne | November 11, 2007

What’s next

So, here’s the plan for our fifth (I’d say “fifth and final” but we all know how that goes) IVF.

 We are going to cycle at Cornell again, but will do the first week of monitoring here with a doctor at the USF IVF center. I went up to Cornell last month for my co-culture biopsy so that is all taken care of. Nice to know the embies will have a warm, comfy place to dig in for their first three days of life.

Now I am waiting for AF, which is due around Thanksgiving Day. On CD2 I go to USF for bloodwork and baseline ultrasound, and assuming all is well I will begin taking clomid, aka the “devil drug.” On CD4 we will start the stims — follistim and menopur. On about CD6 we need to be up in New York, so that is around Nov. 27. We’ll be there for about two weeks, depening on how I stim on this new protocol. Not sure when exactly egg retrieval and embryo transfer will be.

We’ll be staying in an apartment I found on Craigslist. It is only a block away from Cornell and is $140 a night, so I feel I totally hit the jackpot. I’ll also be working part time from up there, so I won’t have to take too many vacation/sick days. Since I spent so long up there the last time, I don’t need to do all the tourist things again. It will be nice to have something to occupy my mind.

 I am getting excited to get started again, so this waiting period is tough. Luckily lots of stuff is going on so I will be able to keep busy. 



  1. Oh Kate I hope this works for you. I think I have caught on your posts. It is a special kind of torture when everything looks good but the magical baby doesn’t show up.

    Hang in there and thanks for PM.

  2. Just found your blog through Stirrup Queens and have enjoyed reading your posts. I also found the articles you wrote for your paper to be insightful, honest and brave. Bravo.

    As a fellow IVF vet, much of what you write rings true in my ears. I will be following as you embark on your 5th–

    Wishing you the best.

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