Posted by: katedaphne | November 7, 2007

Hello world!

So, it’s kind of weird walking around knowing everybody and their brother — and sister — knows the precise state of your girlie parts. I used to flatter myself that people might notice my stunning good looks, confidence, or even my sexy perfume. Now I suspect they are thinking, “Oh, there goes the childless wonder. Too bad about her ovaries. At least she doesn’t have to watch Blue’s Clues 40 times a week.”

It’s my own fault though. At first my husband and I told only our parents and a few friends we were having trouble conceiving. But eventually I decided to write a story about our experiences with IVF for the newspaper we work at. Privacy is a thing of the past. But so is having to pretend. People know the score now, so I get fewer annoying questions, and I don’t have to hide calls from clinics or lie about where I am going when I have doctor’s appointments. And the response has been great. Mostly. The lady who told me to get off my pity party I can do without.

Here are the links to the story and to a short followup bit about the feedback I received.

Here in this blog I’ll try to carry the tale forward (though I usually feel my life is stuck in neutral), sprinkle in some background, and generally add commentary on whatever comes to mind, from IVF and hormones to the sorry state of my fantasy football team. I’d love to have your comments, thoughts, questions. You don’t have to agree with me, but if you don’t, I ask that you at least be civil.

And bonus points if you know the song the title of my blog quotes.



  1. Kate, allow me to be the first to comment on your blog. I have read every word, and your transparency touches me. I feel the sting of knowing that perhaps I’ve said something boneheaded to you in the past; I feel sad because someone I like a lot is hurting; and I feel proud that my friend is pouring such awesome determination into her dream. Though I have no idea where the title of your blog comes from, thanks for letting me in.


  2. Beth, thanks! But you haven’t said anything bone-headed to me. You’ve always been nothing but thoughtful and compassionate. And I have taken a lot of pleasure in seeing the joy you have in being a mom.

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